SCOTUS Nutjob, et al.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

My intention is/was to write something every day. It seems that so many things crowd my mind – I have trouble grabbing one of them long enough to formulate a complete thought to write on. The last few weeks have been ghastly. A parent’s worst nightmare is a sick child far away, regardless of their age.

ginsbergThe Main Stream Media and Politicians are two of my biggest soapboxes. Here’s a fabulous example – A picture is worth a thousand words! If she can’t stay awake, how can she write briefs? How can you believe anything she says? (Thanks Michelle !).

These days I don’t even watch or listen to the news. What’s the point? I just read Michelle Malkin. Yesterday, she had an article, AN ARMY OF TRANSLATORS NEEDED, about over 2 million items of media (documents, photos, tapes, etc) being released to the public. 55,000 boxes of them! A press release noted “…the release of Iraqi documents, including photos and tapes, that today have been made publicly accessible to the world…… these documents are not only of historical significance but can help remind the world that we are fighting a global war on terror.” We can all start here. (Scroll down for Arabic I.) The more we know, the quicker we can beat them!

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