20 years ago today….

Who would’ve thought this day would come? 20 years ago today, I married my husband. Not my current, not my first, but my only husband. There won’t be another.

We met in college. Shared some wild times and then parted ways. Our paths crossed 7 years later and now here we are. 2 kids, 3 cars, 1 dog, 1 mortgage.

I tell my daughter not to worry; God has someone picked out for her. She just has to be patient. And even if you’re stupid (like I was) and let the Chosen One get away, and he’s the one for you, God will steer you towards each other again. God will find a way. He’s like that, you know.

I got diamonds today. He said “Thanks for putting up with me the last 20 years.” I don’t really see it that way. It’s been a nice ride (except for the last 4 years – that’s where the part about “for richer, for poorer” kicked in). Rather, I look at them and think they symbolize the promise of the next 20.

He’s my own personal Bryn, my Aragorn. My light and my pulse.

Beloved, I will solve the mystery if you are the prize.

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