The Boy Next Door

Maybe they can get some funding from Cynthia McKinney's war chest. Terrorists in Atlanta – GT student detained:

A 21-year-old Georgia Tech student taken into federal custody last month has been charged with giving "material support" to a terrorist organization, according to a federal indictment unsealed Thursday.
[…] In a separate case that may be related, a 19-year-old Roswell man was arrested Monday in Bangladesh. Ehsanul Islam Sadequee was arrested by Bengali authorities after at least eight months of federal investigation of him and his family, his sister, Sharmin Sadequee, said Thursday.

Michelle Malkin says in an older, but very relevant post

A couple of readers point to Georgia Tech's central role as an information/computing hub for counterterrorism/first responder research …

Maybe GT should run background checks on all it's applicants as well.

Remember who did their practice runs here?

Death by cop.

This saddens me deeply, but does not surprise me. Anything good must be destroyed – it is the way of Allah.

(delinked) LittleGreenFootballs has an article worthy of The Python – So if their faces are turned away from Mecca, does that mean their "processing parts" ARE facing Mecca? There's a joke in there somewhere….

The Anchoress, though on the mend, writes a hale and hearty commentary that connects many many dots on the subtle relationship between Judas and today's evil society. Just a taste —

The Cult is multiplying and descending upon society in continual and ever-growing waves; you can see its sticky and pearlescent trail everywhere. It lives and thrives on such food as this grief turned outward and slicked up. It drinks itself giddy by imbibing the moonshine of the charlatan, thus convincing itself that this is the way the world should work.

Read the whole thing – it's a gift.

Brent Bozell over at TownHall writes about Viacom, the ChannelKing of SleazeTV. (sic)

Viacom's standards are curious, to say the least. It mocks Christians all year long — Easter mockery is a natural next step after last year's special, "Merry F—ing Christmas" — but the image of Mohammed is a sacred cow that must be respected.

What gives here? The lesson is clear: Riot in the streets of Europe over some silly Danish newspaper cartoons, and you can intimidate Hollywood executives into silence. Is Comedy Central trying to suggest that the sure-fire way for Christians to get dung-flinging Jesus off of "South Park" is to riot and burn some buildings down?

But wait. Viacom is even more pathetic than this. reporter Patrick Goodenough reported that in Germany, Viacom-owned MTV has decided to run an anti-Catholic cartoon so negative that even the BBC rejected it, a cartoon called "Popetown."

[…] Viacom used to be the scum of the Earth, parading around and accept awards from the ACLU for their "courageous" programming. (Last June, the ACLU Foundation of Southern California hailed Comedy Central boss Doug Herzog with its "Torch of Liberty" Award: "Herzog has also always stood by 'South Park' and its creators' right to free expression.") These people are still the scum of the Earth, but now they can't in any way claim that they're courageous when it comes to controversy. They're hypocrites and cowards of the most odious rank.

Reading assignment for the remainder of the day: Mr VdL. It's worth the trip.


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  1. January 15, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    […] North Avenue Trade School, Politics, War on Terror) It has been almost two years since this GaTech student was arrested on terrorism charges. More info comes to light: During a hearing yesterday involving a […]

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