Relativity, or The Lack Thereof

Gateway Pundit puts the gas price hysteria in perspective.

gas price graph

Now What'd She Say? Remember previously on McKinney vs Renee Starzyk/WGCL-Atlanta:

McKinney: Actually you, media, are the only ones who are asking about that.

McKinney: Well, actually no one has asked me other than you

McKinney: You're talking about the incident I'm talking about issues.

McKinney: You're a distraction because that seems to be all you want to talk about

But this says otherwise. Other people ARE talking about it, seriously and alot. She needs a lesson in what exactly a distraction is.

Get your Mike Adams Action Figure before stores sell out!

Flight 93 – I'm going to see it, are you? Holy Fool takes the congressman that is blocking the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA to task.

When I lived in Houston for a short time after graduating college, I befriended a coworker who was Jewish. During our time together, I was lucky enough to be a part of her wedding plans. One night, at one of many pre-wedding dinners at her mother's home, I meet an older female relative (I think she was her Great Aunt). Delightful, lively, tiny. She showed me her arm with the tatooed numbers. She said she could have had them removed, but she didn't want anyone to forget. The memory still gives me the same chill bumps I got that night. The Holocaust did happen and no reshapers of history can ever make it go away. Over at Gates of Vienna, a personal story of a daughter and mother….

Life comes full circle in more ways than one can imagine in adolescence. Reading Shrinkwrapped’s description of the increasingly desperate straits of Stockholm’s Jews, I am now in same helpless position my mother once occupied. The fact that I am more informed than she was does not render me more competent to do anything. The fact that I know she and I were and are part of a larger historical wave of Western self-destruction does not provide surcease.

[…] What are we, with no history?

(Scroll further down in Shrinkwrapped's article link to an excellent observation on Islam by Dr. Sanity:

As Dr. Sanity so eloquently has pointed out, Arab culture is the quintessential Shame culture. In Islam there is no shame in genocide or murder because there is no real Prohibition against slaughtering infidels, in fact, it is explicitly endorsed. Not only are they not ashamed by their complicity with the Nazis, but they celebrate it and strive to emulate Nazism. At the same time they deny the Holocaust took place and they vow to do it right the next time. It is easy to see the hatred and rage that their own shame produces. The Americans and the Israelis, the Great and Little Satan respectively, evoke shame by the contrast between successful, dynamic, "alive" societies, and the stagnation of so much of the Islamic world, which celebrates death rather than life, in the words of their sages.)

Good boys make their mothers proud.

A gay fairy tale (with kissing). And… and… INCONCEIVABLE!


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