A Racist or The Anti-Drunk?

News Flash via WSB Radio — A proposal to roll back last call at restaurants, bars and clubs in Sandy Springs is drawing criticism from some business leaders in the north Fulton city. The Sandy Springs City Council is set to vote May 16th on an ordinance that would cut off the sale of alcohol at 2 a.m. Currently, establishments with liquor licenses can serve until 4 a.m. A group of minority business owners accuse Sandy Springs officials of crafting a measure that is discriminatory and racist. They have hired noted constitutional lawyer Alan Begner to look at the possibility of filing suit against the city. City leaders deny the allegations.

Hmmm….let's see. I think we covered the term racist a while back…

racist as "one who interjects race into situations where it is not relevant, merely for personal gain."

Lets examine this situation more closely. What would this "group of miniorty business owners" stand to gain from flaunting this obvious faux pax by a fledging city barely outside the Big Bad City? Perhaps, if they took their snouts out of their steins for a bit, they'd see a brave group of people standing for the new city that took years and years and years to wrangle from the death grip of Atlanta. And maybe, just maybe, they want to make it a BETTER place, not just another oozing carbuncle of Mexitude or Muslimitude or Whatever-tude-du-jour on the backside of a once proud metropolis.

(delinked)BBC Biased? Really?

Bob Griggs (of Nothing Mexican on Cinco de Mayo – on Fox News no less – fame) is hoppin' mad.

America is my home. I consider myself a generous and hospitable kind of guy, but you have overstepped your bounds when you break into my house… eat my food and sleep in my bed, and then demand that I “forgive and forget” and treat you like a member of the family.

It is not like we ask the impossible of the illegals. Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have come to this country legally, persevered through the process, “studied to show themselves approved” and earned the precious honor of American citizenship. It can be done; the invaders simply choose not to make the effort.

Western Sin? White Guilt? With the self-analysis never end?

Today words like "power" and "victory" are so stigmatized with Western sin that, in many quarters, it is politically incorrect even to utter them. For the West, "might" can never be right. And victory, when won by the West against a Third World enemy, is always oppression. But, in reality, military victory is also the victory of one idea and the defeat of another. Only American victory in Iraq defeats the idea of Islamic extremism. But in today's atmosphere of Western contrition, it is impolitic to say so.

Whether the problem is race relations, education, immigration or war, white guilt imposes so much minimalism and restraint that our worst problems tend to linger and deepen. Our leaders work within a double bind. If they do what is truly necessary to solve a problem–win a war, fix immigration–they lose legitimacy.

And Happy Birthday Alexandra! Have Nancy Pelosi for lunch

O.K. so it's my Birthday today, and I do not want to be reading comments about my xenophobia, racism or Islamophobia, my blind love for Israel, and my supposed hatred for democracy or my reactionary thoughts that embrace personal nuclear ambitions. That includes calling me a bellicose Christian with a visually compelling site – there was a compliment in there somewhere I felt sure…


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