Loonies for Lunch

Yeah, and if I had a mustache, I'd look like Freddie Mercury. Good Lord, this woman is an idiot, why doesn't the DA see that? Or is he too distracted by his political ambitions?

Thomas Sowell at TownHall has an excellent rant on the ludicrous shenanigans at Duke. This moronic procecutor needs to meet Mike Adams – after all they ARE in the same state. Dr.Mike could straighten him out. Then he should be disbarred for putting his political future ahead of the lives of all involved.

(delinked) Islamic Appellate Court via LGF – Disagree with a ruling? Well then, lock and load and just mosey on over the the courthouse and see how many judges and other innocent infidels you can mow down.

Brent Bozell talks about the imperial American Media's double standards.

Run for Cover!

It's great to be a Gator Hater, It's great to be a Gator Hater…

And I'm with the Anchoress… Decorum counts, even in the vapor world of blogosphere. If you can't agree to disagree sanely and civilly right now, then sit out this dance.


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