Project Plan: Task# 3245904567b

HotAir has the breaking news: Ahmadinejad is progressing to the next step of his divinely inspired project plan. He's sending a letter to the Pope. Now isn't that special?!

He also invited Bush to become a Muslim. And you would be wise to interpret the word “invite” to have a whiff of the mob inviting you to dinner at the end of a pier. Since al-Reuters doesn’t provide the context for these global pen pal missives, I will.


These letters are not well-wishes for the holidays or get-to-know-you cultural exchanges. They are threats. Mahmoud has something planned, and it would seem to me to be in the latter stages of finalization before it goes forward.

It seems that others are picking up the scent….

Maybe Ahmadinejad and Pat Robertson should set next to each other in study hall. Wouldn't that be fun to watch? Notes passing back and forth…furiously.

Hat tip to Anchoress: Kobayashi Maru uses a book club supper to covertly observe liberal behavior. Sad, but true.

Hope in the Galaxy

The Independent Conservative reports that a Cynthia McKinney indictment is imminent. In a pathetic, last ditch effort to save face, yesterday she hastily signed on to co-sponsor a bill honoring Capitol Police.

Spin. Spin. Spin. Round the bowl, down the hole, Go Cindy Go.

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