Manic Morons

A couple of days ago, I wrote a little about my concern over current events in Iran paralleling events in pre-WWII Germany. Since I’m a little blog and mostly write for myself, family and a few friends, imagine my surprise to be linked back to a leftie-in-denial blog declaring me, along with a host of other conservative blogs, an “Amateur Propogandist“. And decrying the fact that I hadn’t posted later that the “news” wasn’t true. Well, there’s a reason why. I believe it’s true. I believe that we are watching history refold itself around another sinister demagogue who wants to conquer the world and will stop at NOTHING until he fulfills his self-proclaimed prophecy. Last time, no one listened until it was too late.

At least it wasn’t (delinked) a death threat. Equally disturbing is the possibility it came from a MSM IP address. Again, the press continues it’s journey toward the darkside. Hang in there, (delinked) LGF, and keep up the good fight.

And yet another sign. University students protested the Third Reich, too, remember?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. And remember those that gave their lives for America to be FREE.


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