Does a Race Card have a Credit Limit?


Cynthia Al-McKinney is in the news again, but now for backoffice dealmaking. How can a grand jury NOT indict her and face the public? Have they forgotten how to read The Law? If this goes down, the precident is set for anybody to hit any law enforcement officer and be able to walk away. Unbelieveable!! Did you know she's the star of a politically one-sided movie called Blackout"?

An admirer of McKinney featured in the film, journalist Greg Palast of the BBC and the Observer in London, sums up her outspoken divisiveness this way: "McKinney has a kind of a political Tourette's syndrome."

In English court life (think Elizabeth I), there were always a few people kept around called "fools". The sole purpose of these poor souls was to blurt out whatever came to mind. They were kept around for amusement only. No one took them seriously. McKinney just doesn't get that the biggest practicing racist of all is the one she sees in the mirror. Too bad we can't send her to The Tower.

Other morning notables:

Ann Coulter rim shots Matt Lauer.

I just love word pictures. Over at All Things Beautiful, Alexandra gives me the term "weapons-grade distain". DE-lightful! Her essay discusses Belief vs Unbelief and quotes extensively her pal Patrick O'Hannigan @ The Paragraph Farmer. Read them both. I also learned a new word, calumniate. Mr. Webster defines it as "To make maliciously or knowingly false statements about. See Synonyms at malign." HMMMM, sounds like taqiyya, doesn't it?


  1. June 16, 2006 at 3:13 pm

    […] Ahhhh, it appears the Baron has caught a glimpse of Rep. William Jefferson's race card. If wonder if his credit limit is higher than hers. He’s right about one thing: There is a different standard based on race. […]


  2. July 30, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    […] than learn adult lessons from her mistakes, she has to find someone to blame. And she can’t blame the Jews, since she blamed them for her previous defeat. Poor, […]


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