Cynthia al-McKinney is forced into a run-off in her primary. Nationally, people were watching and hoping, as well. While Daddy McKinney and other miscellaneous hangers-ons poohed-poohed the run-off as only a bump in the road, many constituents of her district saw a vote for her opponent more as a vote against her.

Anne Dishman of Decatur, who said she voted for Johnson, reflected voter discontent with McKinney. “I don’t know a lot about him [Johnson],” Dishman said as she left her polling place at Holy Trinity Parish. “It’s most important that Cynthia is not voted back in her office.”

Lance Blair of Decatur also supported Johnson. “I preferred his tone, which would be more advantageous for the district,” Blair said. “Right or wrong, Washington has tuned McKinney out.”

So…..if “Washington has tuned McKinney out”, how can she be an effective representative of her district?? From what I can tell, Hank Johnson seems like a decent enough fellow; standing up for folks who for years have been bamboozled by smoke and mirrors. While I don’t live in the district, I may send him a dollar or two just to help out in the McKinney Final Solution. Like most Georgians, we think she is a disgrace to our great State.

It brings to mind an excellent early-summer post at AmericanDigest – “I Will Vote for Best, Always.” If his Russian house cleaner gets it, what’s up with 47% of the Georgia 4th District turnout?

UPDATE: After dancing the Electric Slide with the twelve supporters I saw televised at her HQ around 10 pm, Georgia’s Biggest disgrace sat down to some pizza with Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin. Cindy looks totally gauntified after 16 days of her hunger strike, don’t you think?

UPDATE II: Neal’s Cynthia Watch today reports that not only has Cynthia dodged debates in her own home town, she’s AWOL from her JOB at Congress as well:

… the latest news on the activities and comments of The Cutest Little Jihadist in Congress as we move toward the primary runoff. Our pal Jamie Dupree tells us that Cynthia has been a no-show this week in Washington. She did have an official leave-of-absence for votes cast on Monday and Tuesday, but she was supposed to be back at work, representing the people of Georgia’s 4th Congressional District, on Wednesday. She wasn’t. She wasn’t there Thursday either. This week she has missed 19 votes on the House floor. One of the votes she missed was the attempt to override Bush’s veto of the stem cell bill. She also missed a vote on a constitutional amendment on gay marriage.There is no word on whether or not Cynthia will return to Washington next week. Who knows? Maybe she sees the handwriting on the wall. Maybe she knows that she has a slim chance of prevailing in the primary runoff and has decided to start her retirement early.

In the meantime, those evil Diebold machines are just waiting for her to pack her bags.

Can a machine be a racist?


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