Iran’s Family Tree

The Iranian Family Tree is coming to light.  ATB cuts to the chase, as usual.

Hezbollah for their part have managed to infiltrate every pore of the Lebanese Government, and according to the statistics ‘rule’ 80% of the population. By entering the Government they have managed to divide and conquer the anti-Syrian sentiment, and undermine the opposition. President Emile Lahoud is a puppet of Syria, and Syria is a puppet of Iran. […]

Therefore, unless Hezbollah is conquered, Lebanon will become a second Iran, despite the ludicrous suggestions by the left that “Iran poses no threat”, and then there will be no going back. Otherwise, the next step will be for Hezbollah to win the elections in Lebanon, and formally rule the Government and the militia, which they have ruled unofficially through the deep pockets of Iran, notwithstanding the fact, that they already officially control 25% of the sovereign land of Lebanon. Add to that their power to rule through fear, and you have a metastasizing cancer to which there is only one outcome.

And in a most poignant point, she notes

Iran has outsourced its war against the infidels to Hamas, to Hezbollah, to Muqtada al-Sadar in Iraq, to name but a few.

Lance at The Muslim Question isn’t afraid to use the F word – FASCIST.  Read further and you’ll see the disturbing parallels…

Fascism requires a steady supply of unemployed, angry young men. [Check]

It needs a public willing to persecute minorities and strip individuals of basic rights. [Check]

It is helped by schools that indoctrinate rather than educate. [Check]

The European nations that suffered most under Nazi fascism in the 1930s and ’40s still take special precautions to keep fascist tendencies under control. The other day, Polish police shut down a neo-fascist Web site promoting hatred against gays, socialists, feminists and other “enemies of the race.”  […]

Fascist states share many characteristics: They cruelly discriminate. They eliminate political opposition. They take over the economy or empower an elite group of loyalists to run it, along with the military, the courts, the police, the schools and the religious institutions. They impose no limits on state authority and celebrate punishment, as in Iran where teenage girls are hanged in public if they sexually misbehave.

The most sinister part of fascism is its view that certain neighbors or races are unworthy to exist. This ugly, defining snarl is impossible to mask. Fascist leaders make hatred a state policy. They put it in their newspapers, on billboards and on TV.

These aren’t your garden variety Klingons or Romulans….these are nasty. The true face of evil. They are Nazgul; or the Shadows from Z’ha’dum; minions of the dark master himself.  Is there a “One Ring to Rule Them All” parallel here as well?  I’m sure there is – my beloved J.R.R.T. rightly understood the differences between light and darkness.  And that darkness will not prevail as long as there is one small, stout heart to fight it. 

Part of the end times prophecies say that Satan will become bolder as his time on Earth draws shorter.  Seems to me he’s been mighty busy lately.  Especially pulling the wool over Ahmadinejad’s eyes while he’s in his prayer closet.

Dear Anchoress, who’s been under the weather lately, rises up to write and as usual, she’s right on target.

Yeah…let’s just give the Islamofascists that small nation, Israel…then they’ll stop their global jihad, right? They’ll cast off the burkas from their women, and stop the “honor killings” and they’ll stop blowing up infidels -and other Muslims, if it suits the case. They’ll stop talking about beheading the PM of Canada, or blowing up the Sears Tower, or about converting the rest of us to Islam (or promising our slaughter if they cannot) and they’ll let gays live in peace and women forge ahead to their best potentials, and they’ll stop dressing their kids up as suicide bombers. They’ll stop standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower and slicing their heads open so that the blood may run free…they’ll stop asking the governments of their newly adopted countries to allow them to live under Shar’ia law. They’ll assimilate! They’ll get jiggy wit’ us! They’ll embrace popular culture and find it sophisticated! They’ll just lighten up and hang out with the rest of us tolerant folks – they’ll start worrying about “the greatest threat to humankind before us: GLOBAL WARMING!”.  Right? […]

It won’t save you, though. Nor your kids. Your kids not going to be thanking you in 20 years for “taking down [Bush] and making him pay”, while you chose to “save the planet” from an amorphous boogeyman that scientists cannot even agree exists – they’re not going to thank you because they’ll be too busy dealing with the ever-advancing, ever-thirsty Islamofascists who – way back in 2006 or 2007 – were not appeased when you “gave” them the little nation of Israel and hoped they’d go away.

Israel is in our prayers everyday, all over the world.  Many, many people know what will happen if Israel falls.  It’s becoming more evident, even to those in the deepest denial, what the stakes are here.  Finally, she quotes Eric Hoffer

I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish the holocaust will be upon us.

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