Ding, Dong, She’s GONE

In typical fashion, Cynthia McKinney cranks up the blame machine.

Cynthia McKinney is blaming the media and electronic voting machines for her defeat.

The campaign manager for the state’s first black congresswoman blames white voters and Republicans who crossed over to vote in her Democratic runoff. But once all the votes were counted, it was apparent McKinney also had plenty of fellow Democrats to blame.

I just can’t wait for her Dad to chime in.

Hank Johnson still has a long way to go in this election. He took care of business and ran his campaign with dignity. He let Cynthia bury herself.

Some voters, both Democrats and Republicans, interviewed by The Associated Press at polling places in McKinney’s district said they were fed up with her controversial behavior, including her scuffle in March with a Capitol Hill police officer.

Seeya, wouldntwannabeya. You can let those braids out now.

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UPDATED: More at PeachPundit on the literal blow-by-blow at Cynthia’s HQ last night.

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