Fridays Can Be Fun, or NOT

Quitters never win. However, I will take Neal to task on “Soccer is the athletic refuge for mommies and daddies who don’t want their precious little children to play a sport where they might get hurt!” Come to one of my son’s games, Neal. At the level he plays, it’s like hockey, but no pads. They’re big, they’re strong, they’re pissed off at the world, and they can and will break your arm or leg in the blink of an eye.

W came to Bama yesterday and kicked sand in the Democrat’s faces.

Today’s geography lesson.

The Manolo (who doesn’t love Manolo?) has a “highly-styled” post at PJM on Presidential Hair.

Hilarious. Sad. But still hilarious.

We all feel The Ringing of the Bell sometime in our life.

I [MaxedOutMama] will explain faith this way. Faith is not an answer, but it changes the nature of your questions. An answer would stop your growth, but the new questions fuel your growth. Faith turns your focus away from your own pain, frustration, worries, limitations and fears. Faith turns you toward the wider world, where you have the chance to experience the joy that reverberates through each day in our world like the ringing of a great bell.

This week, Michelle Malkin, another mother of a daughter, wrote a great article for the Jewish World Review. Like all moms, she worries about what the WORLD is teaching her precious child. Sweet little girl. Charlotte Church used to be just such a girl. Now look at her. It’s a shame. Michelle has no idea what’s down the road. 🙂 (If anyone can find the one about “The Sweater” – please send it!)

And while she’s working and momming and trying to save the world (or at least what’s left of our country), morons like this continue to stalk her. Obviously, the picture is a lousy job of photoshopping – even I can see the face is completely out of proportion with “the rest”. Email UNC Law Faculty Dean, John Boger, here, letting him know one of his professors is cyber-terrorizing a journalist.

Read about the latest smudge on Gerard Van der Leun’s Permanent Record.

Dr. Sanity discusses Parallel Universes, with extra input by Gagdad Bob. Fascinating.

Al Gore, inventor of the Internet, now claims that cigarette smoke is a big contributor to global warming. Riiiigggghhhttt… (h/t Drudge).  I think the Fug girls need to put out an all-points Bloat Alert on ol’ Al there.

Have a safe and unafraid weekend.

365 is a magic number

The Sundries Shack has an excellent post on Committment (or really the lack thereof). Read the whole thing [sic]!

Perhaps what drives Muslims rage in parge part is our willingness to only talk a good game. We are full of speeches and chest-puffery about our freedom and liberty. We’re also very eager to shrug off any commitment those freedoms bring. Heck, “no commitment” might as well be our national motto today. From marriage to pregnancy to schooling children to picking a cellphone plan, we readily pick the option that makes us the least responsible for our actions. Muslims see that as weakness – a moral failing – and in that they are exactly correct. We are weak. We are immoral.

We have forgotten how to finish the jobs we start, whether we voluntarily started them or not. That is the source of our fear. Hollywood, the MSM, a goodly number of our politicians, none of them can look Islam directly in the eyes because they know, deep in their hearts, that Islam has the will to fight for what it wants and they simply do not. They lost that about the time they, in a marijuana-addled counterculture haze decided that fighting for our high morals was no longer somthing we should actually do but something we could talk about and still reap rewards. They decided that they could simply reward themselves for talking tough about freedom and liberty and peace without actually having to commit to them. They then turned the word “commitment” itself into a jingoistic slogan trotted out to fool the rubes. They replaced courage and conviction with cynicism and “cool” mockery of the very things we need to remain free.

Rev. John Kreson (also quoted in the post) says

We hold the high ground – we believe in individual liberty, we believe in religious tolerance, we believe in women’s rights, we believe in a narrow window for the just use of war – and we should not be afraid to stand tall and to express our outrage at the insane reactions we are seeing across the Muslim world. In fact their actions prove the point made previously in Danish cartoons and the quote from Pope Benedict. It is all well and good to be sensitive but it is quite another thing when Muslims actually manifest what we criticize. It is quite another thing when there is lack of reciprocity in Muslim treatment of Jews and Christians. They have yet to practice what they preach – except for the spread of Islam by the sword and the convert or be killed part.

The groundswelling blog movement is spreading the word to “the rest” of America (you know, the people that MSM/celebrities/politicians believe don’t count). The ones that are now somewhat puzzled and increasingly pissed off that things have gotten this bad. Many, like me, see the parallels to a previous, more naive era (Germany, 1938). Seeing the same mistakes, the same appeasing actions. Many are waking up to recognize the evil that has reinvented itself to threaten the light once again. And we will stand against it, one word at a time.

As always, the best advice is from God. “Do not fear” appears in the Bible 365 times. That’s one for every day. One for every day we fight the evilness in this world.

Another Useful Idiot

Dean Esmay is biting at Michelle’s ankles. This will be fun to watch. Like I said before, I put my money on Michelle, any day.

I had discussed earlier that the blogs were maturing. I should rephrase that to “MOST of the blogs are maturing”. Some bloggers still behave like overstimulated toddlers.

David and Goliath

The Anchoress has had two excellent posts the last few days, obviously using the Clinton interview turned pre-meditated tantrum with Chris Wallace as her springboard.

While both address the difference between how the MSM will cover Condi’s response to Clinton vs. Clinton’s comments themselves, along with a host of other events reported with decidedly leftie-leaning perspective, the entire situation boils down to one initiative – topple President Bush at all costs.

Not the right story, you see. Clinton is not the right president to prove a “liar.” The press wants desperately to bring down a president, but Clinton is not the one. And so, facts-schmacts, the only facts that matter are the ones the master can pull out of thin air.

And if that doesn’t demonstrate, more than anything, that we are living in an age of diabolical disorientation, where up is down (the excellent economic news is bad) and right is wrong (men who served with John Kerry know nothing about him) and truths are lies, (US policy from 1998 on was regime change in Iraq, but only until we did it) I don’t know what can.

Then in that crafty way of hers, she weaves in how the blogosphere is beginning to make a difference.

The blogosphere is growing in effectiveness and becoming a force for change in some respects. Blog commentary is increasingly dependable, professional and penetrating, and the fact-checking is above reproach, but our influence is still limited.

We may hope, though, that each new “blogswarm” so saturates the information market that a few drips or rivulets of “blogtruth” manage to meander into the consciousnesses of a few more minds. For now, we are still – unfortunately – ignorable by the MSM. And whenever a story involves a Clinton, the press closes ranks and does its seemingly solemn duty – not to the truth, but to the man. I simply feel tired of how predictable is the denouement.

Captain Ed links to a Lorie Byrd article where

She points out examples of bias and incompetent reporting in the stories about the Clinton-Wallace interview and the NIE release, and wonders why reporters cannot perform simple research when reaching unsupported conclusions.

[…] Bloggers know how to do research, and those who follow the blogosphere got all the context they needed to deconstruct Clinton’s arguments. The same is true with the NIE, which the New York Times misrepresented in its initial reporting. Lorie wonders when the national media will finally catch up with its readers and start to rebuild its damaged credibility.

The blogs are maturing, gaining credibility and momentum as more and more people reachNetwork their personal level of disgust and distrust of MSM and look for alternative sources of information. That’s what happened to me. I started looking, then I started writing. And now I’m watching it happen to others where I work, where I church, where I soccer mom. One person at a time. There are many, many, many smart people out there with abundant brain power coupled with integrity, sincerity, love of God and country. (Traits in which the MSM is sorely lacking). And they are not afraid to speak out. I wouldn’t say it’s a revolution (yet), but it is a repositioning stance, fraught with purpose. Like Howard Beale in the movie Network yelled out – “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

I [The Anchoress again] wrote only yesterday about the limits of the alternative media. Bloggers work very hard at presenting factual data but they are no match for an entrenched media that – should they wish to – can make up a story out of whole cloth, kite it up and fly it, with satisfactory results. And no matter how much evidence the bloggers provide to rebut them, no matter the press later “corrects” the story, it will not change the initial perceptions created by those first blaring headlines.

The press knows this, of course. It is why they’ll screw around with headlines, creating utterly false impressions: they know that large numbers of people read a headline and feel “informed.” It is why they’ll put an unsubstantiated leak or rumor on page 1, above the fold, and the eventual correction on page 38, below the kitty litter ads.

It reminds of the story of David and Goliath – I Samuel 17. David the shepherd and youngest son of Jesse took his brothers some lunch while they were camped with Saul to fight the Philistines. Goliath, a giant over nine feet tall, would come out from the Philistine camp every day to taunt the Israelites and they would cower with fear. After seeing this and then being rebuked by his brothers (You’re a baby! Go home!), David met with King Saul and other leaders. The armor was too big. The sword was too heavy. So being the brave and resourceful boy he was, he gathered some stones and walked right out to fight Goliath. He killed the giant with the first stone flung from his slingshot.

The mighty fell. And the mighty will fall again. But this time, there’s more than one David. And we’re all wired and ready to fight.

UPDATE: The Baron at Gates of Vienna is on this same wavelength. And he’s got some Big Ideas. Pass them on!

Well, what can we do, if we work together?

I have said before that the blogosphere is developing enormous power, but so far it has been a reactive power, and not a proactive one. When we swarm something, we have a real effect, and can collectively sway the course of events.

But it seems we’re always responding to something. First was Trent Lott’s gaffe at the Strom Thurmond birthday party. Then came Dan Rather and “fake but accurate.” We helped the Swiftboat Vets leverage their effort against John Kerry into an effective response. And the recent Fauxtography scandal was a bloggers’ triumph.

But all of these accomplishments are reactive. Even as we respond effectively to the enemy’s tactical moves, we cede him the initiative. This drains us of our energy to think and act strategically, to be innovative and creative, and thus surprise our antagonists.

[…] Some of our readers are old enough to remember the conservative initiative back in the mid-’80s which aimed to organize the purchase of CBS and thus “become Dan Rather’s boss”. The effort caused some eye-popping alarm among liberals before it petered out later in the decade.

I’d like to revive that meme here, in a slightly different version. Back then, the takeover bid was to be funded by wealthy Republican individuals and organizations, and aimed to acquire enough shares to tip the balance in the CBS boardroom.

Why not hybridize that meme with the Swiftvets initiative? The Swifties had an enormous impact without attracting any wealthy contributors.

What if the blogosphere were to convince a few hundred thousand people to give $50, or $100, or $500 to a holding company established for the sole purpose of acquiring a controlling interest in a major organ of the liberal media?

Some of the law bloggers (Glenn Reynolds and Eugene Volokh come to mind) could set up a holding company for the assets collected. Bring in a business blogger like Larry Kudlow to help run the show. The full purchase price wouldn’t have to be amassed, just the marginal amount that would help leverage the rest.

I’m ignorant of both law and business, so there are probably dozens of reasons why my idea is a stupid one. I have no doubt that commenters will arrive in force to point out the details of my foolishness and offer their own more expert ideas.

But that’s the great thing about the distributed intelligence in action here — with enough knowledgeable and clever people at work on it, a viable idea can emerge and be implemented.

But — only if its time has come.

When its time has come, the meme will explode, and nothing will be able to stop it.

Seeeeeee what I mean? Ideas are flying. WinkWinkNodNodSayNoMore….

Bad Manners Abound

For the last few weeks, I’ve been amazed at the trash-talkin’, adolescent bad behavior of politicians in general. I know, I know – it’s getting close to election time and why should I expect anything different! Looking back over the years, if my memory serves me, it wasn’t always this bad.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad that 30 year old locker room talk may be drudged up and thrown in your face. Or you’ll be accused of having Jewish blood. Hell, with America being the melting-pot that it is, we all probably have a little Jewish blood, or African blood, or Native American blood or German blood, or Japanese blood or Venezuelan blood. Are there genetic markers for that? Should I dispense with the torturous genealogy research and just get my blood tested to find out for sure that I’m 25% Irish, 2% Native American, 2% Black, 12% Welsh, 20% English, 5% Jewish, 8% Scots, 6% Swedish, 20 % just plan Ornery? At what point did my American-ness disappear and I became a sum of my ancestral parts? Any of which can be used against me at any time, if I decide to step into the public eye? It’s not like a recipe for vegetable soup, you know.

This kind of crap is the exact reason why many qualified and dedicated AMERICANS don’t run for elected office. The slightest slip, streak of bad luck, speeding ticket, bounced check, argument at the little league field, or results of bad decisions by friends and/or relations will be found out and thrust under the microscope for the slobbering MSM and their liberal-agenda-promoters to gloat over.

The Anchoress was on the same wave length yesterday. She’s had enough as well.

Having watched politics all my life, I can state categorically that I never heard “the loyal opposition” of either side characterized as “evil” before the Clintons got into the WH. By the time they left, both sides were resorting to that language, but it started with the game of making one party out to be not simply “wrong,” but “evil.” Those eeeeevil Republicans who want to poison your drinking water, kick grandma in the wheelchair down the stairs, starve your children at school and take Big Bird off the air.

I never noticed Reagan using that sort of rhetoric, nor even Bush 41. That crap started in the 1990’s with the “war room,” and the “scorched earth” policies of the Clintons, and they have done us damage.

It’s soooo true. The political arena has devolved past the playground bullies to something that is no longer recognizable. Take a hard look back and you can see the line in the sand. The rules of engagement changed when the Clintons came into power. No longer was it acceptable to call someone out on their record – nope, just go right ahead and lob a couple of below-the-belt cheap shots. No one will mind. Stir in a couple of smears for spice. And don’t forget, you can lie all you want – everybody will take your word as gospel. No bother to fact check. You’ll get lots of free publicity. Good for the campaign and all that.

Having an opinion and having the right to express that opinion without recourse is a foundation of liberty. That being said, propriety, common sense and good taste should govern all debates, regardless of whether they are public or private. It’s a shame that good manners are no longer “fashionable”.

It’s just a difference of opinion. This is America. If someone wants to disagree, they’re entitled. If they want to call me a name, well, that says nothing at all about me, and loads about them, so what do I care? And my site-meter doesn’t mind a bit.

Speaking of name-calling, Olbermann calls Chris Wallace “a monkey after the Clintonista interview this weekend. Hmmmm… sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

This cartoon from The Muslim Question says it all.

Hey Bill....about that....

Don’t Mess with MY MOZART


2006, the 250th anniversary of his birth, was to be a year of celebrating Mozart’s genius…

No propaganda, no unthinking “wunderkind” publicity, no exploitation. Encountering Mozart – in opera houses, in concert halls, in churches or in public spaces – always means engaging in the adventure of new emotions, admitting new discoveries.

LGF has (delinked) the goods – an early Mozart opera (1781) has been cancelled in Berlin, because the house is AFRAID of Muslim reaction.

A Berlin opera house has canceled a performance of Mozart’s Idomeneo, after German police warned of possible Islamic attacks—because in the opera’s epilogue, the main character enters with a bloody bag and triumphantly pulls out the severed heads of Poseidon, Jesus, Buddha, and … you guessed it … Mohammed.

The opera house did not receive threats or demands to cancel the show; they did it preemptively, out of simple fear.

Idomeneo’s libretto did NOT include beheadings. There’s a sacrificial ceremony in the last act, but Idomeneo’s son is spared and given the throne of Crete by Neptune. Happy ending – big finish. The director of the cancelled production had ADDED the scene as a kind of epilogue – a cheap political stunt. Not only did Hans Neuenfels break the rules of the celebration – he dragged darling Wolfie into an arguement he would have had NO part of, solely for his own edification. Foul! Foul! Foul! Foul! F-O-U-L!

That’s it – I’ve had it. The gloves are off. Messing with music for a quickie 15 minutes of fame is one thing – rock bands do it all the time. We see the kind of moral high ground they frequent. But leave Mozart out of it.

Salieri would be very proud of you, Hans Neuenfels. He’s probably giggling with glee right now.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has now picked up on this story.

The first thing to remember when reading about the cancellation of Mozart’s Idomeneo in Germany and the opera house Deutsche Oper‘s kowtowing to Islamic bullies is that jihadists hate Western art and music.

They hate love songs.

They hate Muslim female pop stars.

They hate church frescos. And poems. And illustrations of poems. And, uh, you know how they feel about cartoons.

So it doesn’t take much to get them worked up.

George, a commenter on her site has this to say:

In re the current Idomeneo affair: It’s just another example of an ego-driven director trying to turn an 18th-century work into something that it is not by infecting the stage sets & direction with his own politico-artistic embellishments. I’m somewhat familiar with Idomeneo (Mozart’s great opera seria for the Mannheim court, which premiered in January 1781) and I can’t find anywhere in the libretto or original stage directions reference to severed heads of paradigmatic figures as part of the scenery. Idomeneo should be presented as Mozart and the Mannheimers (and his father Leopold) intended. Let his superbly dramatic music speak for itself. And leave off the twisted accretions of the last two centuries.

Michelle goes on to say:

This is about much more than free speech and artistic creativity and blasphemy and insult. It’s about whether we submit to dhimmitude or fight.

I say fight.

Captain’s Quarters as well. Poor Wolfie.

This is the slow slide into dhimmitude.

UPDATE II: More rational heads are prevailing in Germany, it would seem.

Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans on Wednesday not to bow to fears of Islamic violence after a Berlin opera house canceled a Mozart work over concerns some scenes could enrage Muslims and pose a security risk.

“I think the cancellation was a mistake. I think self-censorship does not help us against people who want to practise violence in the name of Islam,” she told reporters. “It makes no sense to retreat.”


German opera chiefs who cancelled a Mozart opera for fear of offending Muslims were hit by a furious backlash yesterday.

The country’s leader Angela Merkel condemned the decision as ‘self-censorship out of fear’ – and even Muslim leaders apparently agreed the show should be reinstated.

At a summit of religious leaders and security chiefs, the two sides decided they may go to see the show together, according to interior minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.


Watch Slick Willie Squirm

Michelle Malkin has an excellent Vent on former President Clinton’s Tom Cruise moment on Chris Wallace’s Fox News show yesterday.

Politics makes such strange bed-fellows. For months, Clinton has floated around from interviews to appearances with his usual yukkity-yuk banter. Then suddenly he (and his minions) are ranting into whatever microphones they can find about the unfavorable light cast upon him by the Path to 9/11. Yes, it’s a bitter pill, and yes, hindsight is 20/20, but if the rest of us have to made amends for our mistakes, who gives YOU a pass? Yesterday he wagged his finger at Chris Wallce; all red-faced that he’s suspected of “not doing enough” during his term to combat Terrorism. Then he trots out the usual –

“you did FOX’s bidding on this show”,
“conservative hit job”,
“you came here under false pretenses”,
“you people”,
“I never criticized President Bush”,
“that sort of dismissive theme”,
“And you’ve got that little smirk on your face. It looks like you’re so clever…”,
“they’ve done a serious disinformation campaign”,
“you guys try to create the opposite impression” –

Howard Dean talking points at approximately the same decibal level. Newsbusters has the transcript.

Conspiricy spinning 101. Chris Wallace should be commended for not losing HIS cool. As much as I’ve disagreed with Clinton over the years, it’s still sad to see a former President slip to this low point. It’s Monica, but worse. Can’t be long now before he makes it down to ol’ Jimmah’s level.

UPDATE: The Anchoress caught the “I never criticized President Bush” ha-ha-ha as well.

Which is just too funny, because he has done it before both foreign and domestic audiences…

Siggy has the Bill Clinton lie-detector test. Outstanding post – read the whole thing!

Of course, behavior patterns rarely change. In Mr Clinton’s case, with his long and distinguished career of deceit (political, personal and every other iteration), leaning forward and pointing his finger (deliberate behaviors meant to emphasize sincerity and believability) are the kind of body language that are dead give aways to even the most mediocre and ill informed students of psychology. That’s right- you would be aware of that truth even if you graduated at the bottom of the night school at Addis Ababa Technical Community College.

Murder or Honor Killing?

How long before this senseless Atlanta murder is recategorized as an Honor Killing?

The cold-case murder of Sparkle Reid Rai, daughter of popular Atlanta news reporter Donna Lowry Reid, has returned to the spotlight, reopening old wounds for her family, but asking new questions.

From WLBT, Jackson Mississippi:

Police say the mastermind of this murder is Chiman L. Rai. He was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky. Rai, who is of Indian descent, owned the Wee Land Grocery Store on Bailey Avenue. Rai’s son, Ricky, had been married to Sparkle, who is black, for only one month. Prosecutors say the Rai family was not pleased with the interracial marriage.

[…] In fact, police think the two moved to Atlanta to get away from the family.

From WSB Radio:

…22-year-old Sparkle Reid Rai was fatally stabbed and strangled in her Union City apartment in April, 2000. Her seven-month-old daughter was nearby. Reid Rai’s mother is Channel 11 reporter, Donna Lowry Reid.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard says the alleged motive was a contract killing for “cultural reasons:” the young woman’s Indian father-in-law didn’t want his son married to a non-Indian woman.

“A decision was made that Ms. Rai should not be a member of that family,” Howard says. “Efforts were made to dissuade her from continuing the relationship; efforts were made to get her to withdraw from the marriage. And when that did not work out, the decision was made to pay to have her killed.”

[…] “He is remarried and one of the interesting things that we found is that his new family knew nothing about his former family and the fact that he has a daughter.”



Since the college kid was home this weekend, I took an enforced break from TV/news/blogs. I heard rumblings about Clinton’s red face, his finger pointing and adolescent justifications for his many shortcomings. More on that later.

Colbert King writes in the WaPo about his couple of days away from Washington. From a distance, he could really see what it was all about – POWER, nothing more, nothing less.

Self-regarding members of Congress, intent on keeping their jobs, have forgotten all about enemies who are so convinced of America’s evil and their own righteousness that they can justify making everything in this country — its national treasures and its people — targets for destruction.

Listen closely to the huffing and puffing on Capitol Hill. It’s all about criticizing each other on the war. They work themselves into a lather arguing about which party can best represent Americans in the hallowed halls of Washington. Watch as they strut and brag about how their party is, because of a surfeit of patriotic zeal, best able to hold terrorist-harboring countries accountable.

But then this …

Unless I’m mistaken, the Sept. 11 hijackers didn’t ask the doomed passengers if they were Democrats or Republicans. They didn’t care one bit if the people strapped in their seats for takeoff were liberals, conservatives or neocons.

When I read those words, this memory flooded my mind …

It’s not conservative or liberal,
However they’re defined;
It’s not about interpretation,
Or the judgement of the mind;

It’s the opposite of politics,
Power or prestige;
It’s about a simple message,
And whether we believe.

It’s still the cross,
It’s still the blood of Calvary;
That cleanses sins,
And sets the captives free.
It’s still the name,
The name of Jesus,
That has power to save the lost;
It’s still the cross.

(It’s Still The Cross / The Calvarymen)

The Anchoress reposts “The Art of the Painless Coup” – one of my first readings that lead to the thought that “I can do this…” But this time around, what strikes me is …

It is true that there are many illusions in the world. And on the world stage there stride some masters of the sleight-of-hand and the misdirection – you can recognise them because they are all of a mind, and of a piece, and they are all working different parts of the same trick.

But if you can recognise a trick for what it is, you can prevail against it.


They (the politicians) just don’t get it. In a nutshell, they’ve returned to the 9/10 mindset. The enemy understands the sentiment in the song above more than any politician. It is why they hate us and vow with their last breaths to kill us all.

“From hell’s heart, I stab at thee…with my last breath, I spit at thee” (Moby Dick and/or The Wrath of Khan, depending on your generation)

America has an enemy, evil and determined to wipe out all we hold dear. Just like a spider.

Little Ears

As a parent, you usually find out the hard way that your toddler will repeat whatever words (especially the vulgar and insensitive ones) they hear. You know, the words you say when you’re driving. Or the words you might use to describe a cranky neighbor when on the phone with your best pal. Or highly illustrative words pertaining to relatives or body parts. The little darlings will usually blurt them out at the most inopportune time, to the shock and embarrassment of polite company. One of my favorites (that can be REPEATED) comes from a co-worker from long ago in my career, who came in one Monday to tell us this story:

He & his family were taking his (Baptist) pastor to Sunday dinner. The pastor was riding in the car with them. As they drove past a billboard advertising a certain brand of beer, his 4 year old daughter said “Look Daddy – that’s your favorite beer.” Beaming at the pastor, she knew she’d done such a wonderful thing letting him know a fun and interesting fact about their family. Needless to say, lunch was interesting.

That’s where the code phrase “Little Ears” came from in my family. In other words, watch what you say, or the adorable little sponge will parrot it back when you least expect to hear it.

So imagine the surprise of the liberals, the Democrats, the MSM (UPDATE: these are what Gagdad Bob refers to as “three varieties of idiot“) when the Boobsey Twins parrot the same hateful venom that they themselves have spewed for years toward the President, conservatives, Republicans and any other group they could think of. The Anchoress, as usual, nails this one.

But maybe some on the left finally understand that while they’ve been having fun and laughing while calling President Bush every manner of ugly name and insult, dangerous people have been watching. And they have made a calculation: We can disrespect Bush and America will laugh with us. Bush is weak. America is once again the appeasing “weak horse” it was throughout the 1990’s and even before…when we could attack anything and be accountable to no one.

I’m sure Hugo, once he left the guffawing chamber of hyenas at the UN, was shocked to discover that most Americans were not laughing, that even some Democrats were not.

And I’m sure some Democrats were shocked to see just how ugly their words sounded, when coming out of the mouth of someone else, someone with “no right,” to spew hate for political expediency.

But if Bush is being disrespected, then the Democrats need to look to themselves and their actions and understand how complicit they have been in encouraging it. Dems like Charlie Rangel, who called President Bush “Bull Connor,” knowing full well how wrong, inaccurate, unfair and inflammatory that was, or like the idiots who called Bush “a genocidal racist” after Hurricane Katrina, or like the party (and the press) who spent years telling America about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction only to later pretend they never said such things, and to pretend further that somehow Bush’s believing the same things they believed…made him a liar.

The Democrats alleged something that disingenuous – that what they believed was true was suddenly not only false but one man’s lie – and the press let them do it.

The press repeated it, ad nauseum, and the press and the Dems promoted films with that message, and books, until that damnable, transparent and nonsensical lie was repeated enough…because everyone knows that if you tell a big lie enough, it becomes “the truth.”

If tinpot tyrants and madmen now come to the United Nations and believe they can say anything they wish about The American President, it is because – as some of us have been warning, for some time – while all manner or irresponsible nonsense and hate has been directed at this president…the world has been watching.

Hmmmmm, the world was watching. Like little tykes in car-seats, learning all manner of vocabulary and gestures.

Like I said yesterday, stories about the decent, hard-working Americans just don’t sell. Maybe if the world had seen and heard more of THOSE types of stories, they wouldn’t be so anxious to wake the sleeping giant.

UPDATED: Peggy Noonan ponders a different kind of global warming. The one fueled by rhetoric.

Harsh words inspire the unstable.

Oh My, What a Smell of Sulfur

Glinda the Good said, as the Wicked Witch of the West made her loud and smelly departure from MUNchkinland.

Flying monkeys aside, the show known as World Politics this week has been both entertaining and disturbing. Beside President Bush’s speech (which I thought was good), both of the manic morons that followed sounded like they found a crumpled stray memo of Howard Dean’s talking points.

Ahmadinejad followed the Yellow Brick Road to MUNchkinland this week, but forgot to bring his halo projector. Claudia Rosset of the Rosett Report said if the Grand Poobah Nutjob wants the UN that bad, he can have it.

From the United Nations press balcony, with its view across the vast chamber of the General Assembly, there was a particularly good view of Ahmadinejad’s transmogrification during this performance from a scruffy little man in a sports jacket to Big Brother gloating over his nuclear racket. Standing in front of the dais manned by high UN officials, the whole scene set against the stage’s sweeping golden backdrop and UN emblem, he began speaking in a soft voice. He quickly got louder and louder, declaiming, ranting, and finally almost chanting, shaking his finger, slicing his hands through the air, delivering a speech packed with “truth,” “peace” “virtue” “justice” — but inverted, twisted, indifferent to facts and emptied of meaning. He lied his head off about Iran’s nuclear bomb program, he rewrote history in his continuing campaign to erase the state of Israel, he blamed on others the terrorist atrocities underwritten by his own regime. He told us that together we can “pave the road for human perfection,” and that peace and justice — as he imagines it for all of us — will sooner or later prevail, “whether we like it or not.”

did you hear the one about....Chavez started his book club, amid a tirade against all things American. LGF has pictures of UN General Assembly president Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa of Bahrain (delinked) LAUGHING during Chavez’s performance. Gateway Pundit has video.

The Anchoress, like any good mom, watched the body language of the other kids at the play date for signs of trouble

What I noticed was the body language of the UN assembly. They looked at Bush; they listened. Ahmadinejad had them squirming and darting their eyes.

while Hugh Hewitt of Townhall fame rued the applause. Applause = Bravo. He summed it up in one word – Chilling.

Siggy actually beats the thugs to the backtracking punch – blaming the West, Jews, America, the kitchen sink – for Ahmadinejad’s inflamed state of mind and resulting remarks. It’s always THEIR fault. Projectile Projecting, at it’s best.

The NYSun has the same idea I wrote about Tuesday….Arrest him.

UPDATED: The Anchoress touches on this theme again this morning, also noting

Yeah, that’s probably why the press has gone missing on a rather big story. They seem distracted, those “mediating intelligences,” and perhaps that’s why they missed the 35,000 people protesting Ahmadinejad’s visit to the UN, a protest which included speakers such as John Bolton, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, New York Gov. George Pataki and Alan Dershowitz. That’s a pretty luminous bunch of speakers and a lot of people, but the intelligent ones mediated that we did not need to know about it. Meryl Yourish points out that the only paper to mention this large protest was the NY Sun.

The ummm…approximately 2,000, who showed up to protest President Bush and the Increasingly Popular Iraq War, though, they got plenty of headlines. Note that all of those headlines read “thousands,”of protesters, not “only 2,000.”

UPDATED II: Hell freezes over. Really. NOT. She, along with a hoard of other DhimmiCrats, will be decrying Chavez’s words, painting themselves as defenders of Bush (after YEARS of throwing the same insults at him) because they see the potential back-lash of public opinion less than 50 days out of the election. For them, it’s business as usual.

Perverse Self-Promotion

McGreevy’s perverse self-promotion at the alter of Oprah is enough to make even the most liberal bleeding heart squeamish. I can only imagine the agony felt by what’s left of his broken family. Depraved sicko.

If this is all the world perceives as “The American Way” as they see it praised and trotted out for admiration by our media, it’s no small wonder the world hates us. What about the REST of America? The hard-working, flag-waving, baseball-football loving, sacrificing so their kids can go to college, soccer-coaching, trying to raise a family in this frightening world, church-going, burger-grilling, old car driving (see the sacrifice for college), coupon-cutting (see the sacrifice for college), school-volunteering, pta-attending, aging parents-caring, tax-paying Americans? What about them? I guess stories about good, honest people who love their countries and their families – who are trying to stay that way just doesn’t SELL.

While we’re on the subject of MSM prostituting itself, the AP is taking on Michelle Malkin. Anybody want to start a pool? I’ll put my money on Michelle, any day.

Citizen’s Arrest! Citizen’s Arrest!

(delinked) Ahmadinejad dares to show his face in the same city where his Islamothug pals murdered thousands of innocent people. He must feel very smug – walking freely on our treasured soil. Look at him smiling for the cameras. So protected by the dark spirits that surround him; nurturing him, educating him until his “appointed” time. Praying to the REAL He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named for guidance. Smile again for the cameras. That’s a good boy. Isn’t there some way this goon can be arrested while he is within our borders? If Khatami can be served a summons for a lawsuit while he’s here in the US, why can’t Ahmadinejad be detained?

In Iran, media outlets are being shut down. Schools are getting “Youth Police” (via ATB). Can you say “Hitler Youth”? (delinked) Oppression. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Look to history for how this unfolds.

Now we are to understand that Friday is going to be a “Muslim Day of Rage“. I thought that was every day. They are always mad about something – killing, burning, looting, bombing, raping, beheading the unfortunately convenient innocent infidel. Thank you for giving us NOTICE of your next tantrum. I’ll get the time-out chair ready. In fact, that is a great analogy. For quite a while, I’ve thought that radical Muslim reactionary behavior reminded me of something. Now I know what – the Terrible Two’s.

Siggy says Islam has become so inflexible, that it is brittle. Maybe it will just explode like the Ice Queen. We can only hope.

The Anchoress (who is moving up in the blogworld) has an excellent piece on PoliticsCentral relating to the Pope’s outstanding address in Germany last week and the Typical Islamic Hyperventilation.

It is worth wondering if what we are witnessing here is a cosmic chess game, in which Benedict has seen a few moves ahead. Perhaps. More likely though, given Benedict’s apparent surprise at the vehement reaction of the “Muslim street,” and at the inability of so many to take his words in context, what we are seeing is a spiritual surgeon’s delicate probing of a supernatural psyche, one which perceives the examination as a finger being thrust into a wound. Benedict’s careful probe may well prove to be the catalyst which shames Islam (currently finding itself unable to murmur “I forgive, I forgive,” about anything at all) into finally putting down its swords.

Also: The truth is, by believing he could engage Islam in dialogue, in speaking to Muslims the way a professor might, in scholarly fashion, Benedict was treating Islam with a great deal of respect – he was saying, “you are intelligent enough to discuss this with humanity.”

So many bloggers say the Pope has a dilemma. That he must apologize. I couldn’t disagree more. He said what needed to be said – He’s on God’s timetable. Sister Leonella understood that.

Siggy also discusses how a people so ingrained with hate CAN change. For the better.

Indeed, the hand of God can be witnessed.

Mondays, ohhhh Mondays

As expected, the Muslim swarm completely missed the point of the Pope’s words last Tuesday in Germany. Typical. The Anchoress quotes Ed Morrissey’s excellent post: [emphasis mine]

All this has shown is that Muslims missed the point of the speech, and in fact have endeavored to fulfill Benedict’s warnings rather than prove him wrong. If one reads the speech at Regensburg, the entire speech, one understands that the entire point was to reject violence in pursuing religion in any form, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or Bahai. The focal point of the speech was not the recounting of the debate between Manuel II and the unnamed Persian, but rather the rejection of reason and of God that violence brings.[…]

The Muslims are not interested in a Socratic dialogue, such as the kind proposed by Benedict in his speech, if one actually bothered to read it. They completely reject any notion of critical thinking when it comes to their doctrines, their laws, and their beliefs. They can make all the comments they want about Jews being descended from pigs and monkeys and the “polytheism” of Christians, but if anyone utters a word of scholarly criticism about Islam, the murders begin until someone admits that Islam is better than any other faith.

This drips with irony — because Benedict spoke about precisely this impulse in his speech. It’s conversion or submission by the sword all over again. UPDATE: See Ed’s open letter to the Pope.

Do not apologize for speaking the truth. Stand up to the threats and violence and make the world understand that no one of any faith or of no faith at all has to be cowed or intimidated into silence. Your predecessor, John Paul the Great, risked his life by providing a beacon of courage against the might and will of Communism, and he outlived it in the end. We won’t outlive the violent nature of radical Islam, but we can provide the basis for Christianity’s survival by standing against it now.

Then, she (in that way she does best) weaves in the story of the murdered nun in Somalia – of course, the blinkered MSM refuses to see the connection here. Or here. Or (delinked) here. Or even here (when one of their OWN AP PHOTOGRAPHERS is captured with Al Qaeda terrorists). Dozens of additional connections that anyone with half a brain can connect. The MSM still REFUSES any self-examination on their agenda of dhimmitude. Unbelievable!

ATB expounds on “the curse of all who dare to speak the truth“.

The Baron has a very informative piece on the tidal cycle of Islamism in Turkey.

The only way the West will be victorious is for us to take back the culture.

And finally, you knew it was coming – The Islamic Terrorist’s Rage-O-Meter.

UPDATE: Reliapundit left this comment on Ed’s Letter to the Pope:

Jesus said:

You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes, nor figs from thistles, are they?

Even so, every good tree bears good fruit; but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.

Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will know them by their fruits.

Matthew 7:6-20:

The meaning is clear to me. And I think we can apply the question, the test, the metaphor to Islam.

We MUST ask: “What are the fruits of the man they say is a prophet, Mohhumed?”

I say the answer is clear: Violence; ignorance; misogyny; genocide; poverty; tyranny; gender apartheid; terror.

I think the rational conclusion is clear: if you believe that what Jesus said was true, then you MUST conclude that Islam is a false creed promulgated by a false prophet which has misled millions upon millions of people who believe it to be a true way to worship the Eternal One.

I guess some people think there are strategic and tactical reasons for folks like the Pope and the POTUS not to make this point simply and clearly, and to continue to call Islam an RoP – and to apologize for simply telling the TRUTH.

But I think it is absurd. It endangers our lives, and our civilization – and our ability to worship the Eternal One OUR way. It turns us all into dhimmis.

The Pope will never save Cathoilicism or Christianity in Europe if he cannot defend it against islamothugs in the Middle East.

Pretty much wraps it up in a nutshell, don’t you think?

Erk’s Best Eulogy of All

Is EIGHT straight quarters of shut-em-out defense by the Junkyard Dawgs….

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