Rosie, meet Natalie

Rosie, in typical form, has already shown her backside on The View. And what, it’s been a week? Why am I surprised?

I didn’t see it, because I spend my days at my job, but heard boatloads about it on Sean on my way home. Seems she said during yesterday’s show (I’m paraphrasing here):

“And just one second, radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”

You know, in that endearingly whiny, shouting tone of voice she has.

Hmmm…Let’s see… First let’s examine what I presume to the base audience of The View. It airs during the day, the show is made up of all women, probably mostly women watch it since they are lucky enough to be able to stay home with their kids, possibly kids are in the room or within earshot during the program, probably most of those women have some faith they subscribe to, probably most of those women monitor the kind of stuff their kids are exposed to…etc.

Hmmm…Let’s examine Rosie’s lifestyle choices. While she is free to do whatever she likes in America, perhaps she’s been reprimanded by some sort of Christian authority figure about her lifestyle choices. Perhaps she’s gotten some bad (albeit FREE) press about her lifestyle choices. Perhaps she disagrees with high ranking politicians on their particular stands regarding lifestyle choices, because as an American citizen, she CAN do that…etc.

Now Rosie, sweetie, do you really think you’d have it better under Shari’a? Honey, they’d have you at the head of the line. You’d be the first one they’d shoot or behead or whatever by the execution style they have planned for the dhimmified American infidels. And they’d video the whole thing and stick it on YouTube. The only way the rest of the world would know it was you, was when your severed head rolled out of your burqa.

Now Rosie, let me introduce you to Natalie. She also bit the hand that fed her. She’s not very happy right now (via Boortz).

There was news some weeks back that the Dixie Chicks were having trouble selling concert tickets. Seems all was not well between them and the country music set. Well, the big mouth of Natalie Maines is about to make that problem a whole lot worse. Evidently there is a Dixie Chicks documentary debuting this week at the Toronto Film Festival.

Ironically, the movie is called “Shut Up And Sing,” which is a title whose advice Natalie Maines could stand to take. According to media reports, in the film Maines calls President Bush a not-too-nice name that rhymes with dumb luck. Ouch. The documentary also shows the behind-the-scenes coverage of The Dixie Chicks’ waning popularity.

Natalie Maines is learning the hard way how people feel about entertainment and politics: they like to keep them separate. People buy Dixie Chicks’ CDs and go to concerts to be entertained…. not attend a political rally. They don’t care how she feels about President Bush, the war in Iraq…or any of it. She is an entertainer and people want to be entertained.

Imagine where their career would have been had she never opened her mouth. What a pity.

Perhaps you two should do lunch and compare notes.


Network contact information: ABC, WSB (Atlanta) – good luck finding contact on this page. I’ll keep looking.

P.S. This is the same film festival that is premiering (delinked) the Bush Assassination film.

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UPDATE: NewsBusters has video! And I’ve corrected O’Donnell’s quote above. Read the whole thing.

Mary Katherine Ham at TownHall says:

You should see the look on [Elizabeth] Hasselbeck’s face. Bless her heart, I can’t believe she has to deal with them every day. To her credit, Joy Behar does concede that “well, Christians aren’t threatening to kill us. There is a difference.” Barbara says nothing. Nice.

More on Rosie’s real agenda at EnterStageRight:

And the thing gay activists hate more than anything else, is Christianity.

Michelle Malkin throws down the gauntlet. Watch The Conservative View.

Barbara Walters and her gang ain’t the only ones who speak for women.

UPDATE II: Fausta‘s not afraid to take Rosie’s comparison to the next level. (WARNING – graphic descriptions)

Maybe the hardest thing for Rosie to understand is that 99% of Christians (radical or not) would try to lead her back to Christ’s love. Many are praying for her as we speak. Liberals understand hate & the marketing thereof very well – but would they know love & forgiveness if they saw it?

UPDATE III: The Anchoress, in an amazing post eulogizes Oriana Fallaci and scolds Rosie O’Donnell in practically the same breath; showing how two women with the same supposed left-leanings can be so, so different. Here are a few snippets – read the whole thing.

Fallaci was an unapologetic woman of the left who – like Christopher Hitchens – had the brains, moral courage and obstinacy to depart from leftist orthodoxy when intellectual honesty demanded it. She was no one to simply “fall in line” with the prevailing thought-of-the-day. She dared the left to honor its pretensions to liberalism and open-mindedness by speaking her mind in dissent. And the left never forgave her for it, either.

So great is my respect for Fallaci, that to mention Rosie O’ Donnell in the same post feels like dipping roses into a land-fill. Both are fragrant but one rises in graceful beauty and the other simply emits noxious gas.

But I must mention O’ Donnell, because while she claims herself a woman of the left, she is the polar opposite of Fallaci, and I cannot let Fallaci go without focusing for a second on how far the left as devolved. Where resistance-member Fallaci was intelligently confrontational, trendy-cause committed O’ Donnell is merely shrill. Where Fallaci dared to look at the effects of Christianity and Islam on civilizations and see real differences and moral distinctions, O’Donnell casts a vapid, bigoted glance and calls them all cake, declaring: “Radical Christianity Is Just As Threatening As Radical Islam.”

Come on, Rosie, make your case and justify that moral equivalence you so easily, lazily, thoughtlessly burp out to the assured applause of your Upper West Side audience. Don’t point to a few sick extremists who have killed abortionists, unless you are willing to admit that the Christians themselves have condemned such violence. Show us the justification for your statement that “Radical Christianity Is Just As Threatening As Radical Islam.”

Please make your case, Ms. O’ Donnell. We’ll wait. While we wait, we’ll raise a glass to Oriana Fallaci, a leftist woman whose shoes you are not fit to shine. She embodied all that leftism was, and you are all it has become.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for Rosie’s apology or explanation or justification. Whatever she says, you can be sure she will Blame Bush for the whole sordid affair. At least Natalie had the sense to shut up for 5 minutes.



  1. stormrox said,

    September 15, 2006 at 2:38 pm

    Good post. Too bad most will see the backlash as merely homophobic rantings. Seditious celebs aside, the media will applaud her “candor” as a beacon of sensibility. Sad.

    In the meantime, our society crumbles to the sounds of an Islamo-facist pep rally.

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