Watch Slick Willie Squirm

Michelle Malkin has an excellent Vent on former President Clinton’s Tom Cruise moment on Chris Wallace’s Fox News show yesterday.

Politics makes such strange bed-fellows. For months, Clinton has floated around from interviews to appearances with his usual yukkity-yuk banter. Then suddenly he (and his minions) are ranting into whatever microphones they can find about the unfavorable light cast upon him by the Path to 9/11. Yes, it’s a bitter pill, and yes, hindsight is 20/20, but if the rest of us have to made amends for our mistakes, who gives YOU a pass? Yesterday he wagged his finger at Chris Wallce; all red-faced that he’s suspected of “not doing enough” during his term to combat Terrorism. Then he trots out the usual –

“you did FOX’s bidding on this show”,
“conservative hit job”,
“you came here under false pretenses”,
“you people”,
“I never criticized President Bush”,
“that sort of dismissive theme”,
“And you’ve got that little smirk on your face. It looks like you’re so clever…”,
“they’ve done a serious disinformation campaign”,
“you guys try to create the opposite impression” –

Howard Dean talking points at approximately the same decibal level. Newsbusters has the transcript.

Conspiricy spinning 101. Chris Wallace should be commended for not losing HIS cool. As much as I’ve disagreed with Clinton over the years, it’s still sad to see a former President slip to this low point. It’s Monica, but worse. Can’t be long now before he makes it down to ol’ Jimmah’s level.

UPDATE: The Anchoress caught the “I never criticized President Bush” ha-ha-ha as well.

Which is just too funny, because he has done it before both foreign and domestic audiences…

Siggy has the Bill Clinton lie-detector test. Outstanding post – read the whole thing!

Of course, behavior patterns rarely change. In Mr Clinton’s case, with his long and distinguished career of deceit (political, personal and every other iteration), leaning forward and pointing his finger (deliberate behaviors meant to emphasize sincerity and believability) are the kind of body language that are dead give aways to even the most mediocre and ill informed students of psychology. That’s right- you would be aware of that truth even if you graduated at the bottom of the night school at Addis Ababa Technical Community College.

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