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“You’re an IceCreamHead!”, sneered the attacker, pulling on the other girl’s shirt. The attackee, paralyzed at the sudden labelling by a little girl whom up to this point had been a playmate, the stares of the other children, knowing her reputation was at stake and that she must respond immediately in kind to save face, shouted back “You’re a PooPooHead!”. Satisfied she’d outdone herself and wowed the gathering audience, she smiled and pushed the other girl on the chest, causing her to fall into the dirt. Victory! Better yet, the teachers chatting on the fringe of the playground saw and heard NOTHING, so she knew she got away scot-free.

Fast forward 30 years. Girl #2 is running for a Congressional seat. Girl #1 comes out of the woodwork to accuse her of racial insults and molestation. The press eats it up without checking any background on Girl #1. You know the drill.

Siggy’s excellent post on Capital Hill lunacy relates

The current escalating and frenzied brouhaha over disgraced former congressman Tom Foley, is reaching new heights of absurdity, with some politicians and pundits declaring the events an example of ‘conservative’ or Republican ‘family values.’

We noted that mental illness and sexual perversity crosses partisan political lines (much as some continue to deny that), an idea that for today at least, upsets many leftists and Democrats.

Reality has never been the strong suit of extremist political ideologues of any stripe. As we have noted,

Their stupidity is a given. You can’t be select in claiming the moral high ground.

In 1973, Gerry Studds, the Democrat representative from Massachusetts, engaged in sex with a male Congressional page.

In 1990, Steve Gobie was found to be running a prostitution business from Massachussetts Democrat Congressman Barney Frank’s apartment.

Robert Byrd, former Klan Kleagle (’The Klan wasn’t so bad, really’), is a revered (if somewhat confused) Democrat and Teddy Kennedy (’I forgot to call the police but I did remember to call my family, lawyers, the state Democrat machine leaders and Kennedy PR person) can’t seem to put the strange death of Mary Jo Kopechne behind him.

Frank refused to resign […]

Gerry Studds refused to apologize […]

And we all know about Ted Kennedy.

Siggy goes on to address Karl Rove (Liar), Joseph Wilson (Liar), John Kerry (Liar), some questionable oil dealings of W’s before he was President, Bill Clinton (Liar), Jimmy Carter (Liar), get the picture? In the updated section, here’s this gem:

[…] In fact, blaming Bill Clinton for 9/11 would be like blaming Franklin Roosevelt for Pearl Harbor. There was no way that we could have anticipated what was coming- because Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sr and the preceding White House occupants of both parties thought we’d be immune to radical Islamist terror. That means they were, as a group, collectively stupid and surrounded themselves with stupid people and stupid advisors.

We were stupid, too, because we allowed ourselves to be sold the idea that we could talk our way out of ‘problems.’ The reality is that succeeding generations of Americans and American presidents were screwed over by generations of Islamic power brokers that wanted to do just that- screw us over.

Now that we’re addressing the problem (barely), they aren’t happy. If and when the day comes that we actually do the right thing and decide to handle the issue as it should be handled, the problem will be resolved in short order. People are like kids- when they understand there are serious consequences- and not just talking- behavior changes.

In the meantime, neither side has the stones to do what needs to be done.


Lies, Lies, Lies. Everything relates to The Big Lie. While the Left has danced around the fringes of socialism and fascism for decades, the quicksand has ever-so-slowly been pulling them down. Those who hate us listen and learn, plot and scheme and patiently wait. Many of our liberties and freedoms are perceived as weakness to them. And they wait. The usual hateful squabbling and mud-slinging that occurs in the ramp-up to each election is seen as a flaw in American society that must be eradicated. And they wait.

Addressing the Left today, Siggy goes on to say in Part One of The Degradation of Political Legacies (read the whole thing – can’t wait for the second!)

Politics isn’t what it used to be. The political process has degraded into a free for all, with no groundrules. Deceit and obfuscation have become the reality du jour.

As the election seasons approach and the rhetoric heats up, both sides are attempting to obscure reality. Can we, as a nation, afford that? Shall we tolerate that?

“…the rhetoric heats up…” My, that’s quite an understatement. “Outtings”, pretend “outtings”, financial schemes, boy toys, hookers, you name it. Those who hate us, again, are watching. They are NOT the disinterested teachers on the playground fringe, blissfully clueless, waiting for recess to be over, so they can head to the teacher’s lounge for a quick smoke and then off to Social Studies. They are VERY interested. They are very adaptive. And they are very angry.

Weave in the personal faith issue where The Anchoress writes on Brian Rohrbough, father of a Columbine victim:

[quoting Rohrbough] This country is in a moral free-fall. For over two generations, the public school system has taught in a moral vacuum, expelling God from the school and from the government, replacing him with evolution, where the strong kill the weak, without moral consequences and life has no inherent value.

We teach there are no absolutes, no right or wrong.

So there you go…. politicians are only “a product of their environment”. Don’t blame THEM if they weren’t taught any absolutes, any values, any decency. And don’t give me that “…but they probably didn’t go to public schools…” bit. I bet most did. And those that didn’t, that went to private, well look how well that turned out for ol’ Teddy. Now there’s a bundle of family values for you!

Don’t be shocked – be determined. And on Election Day go and vote the rascals out.

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UPDATED: Boy, Siggy is on a roll today! (read the whole thing!!!!!)

As we have noted on a number of occasions, the culture of deceit and corruption runs deep in Washington, DC. That shameful culture has poisoned both political parties and ideologies. Our representatives, once elected come to believe that their first allegiance and obligations are to the institutions that will protect them and allow them the latitude and freedom to do whatever they wish. Over the decades, our representatives have spent a lot of time making sure they remain privileged and more often than not, held unaccountable for their actions. Serving the people, their constituents, are obligations that have been relegated to a secondary agenda.

That said, there is jihadi-like response to the despicable goings on of Mark Foley, with a number of Democrats suffering memory loss and an even greater number of leftist bloggers and pundits with that same affliction. It is with that in mind that a look at some of the ‘culture of corruption’ that many seem to have forgotten. To be clear, the Democrats are not worse than the Republicans. Nevertheless, an environment whereby some Democrats and Democrat pundits can refer to the behavior of Mark Foley as an example of GOP or ‘conservative family values,’ is absurd.

Corruption, dysfunction and sleaziness are no more discriminating in Congress than in real life.

Exactly. So eloquent. So true. What realllly bothers me is this:

  • First, the timing of this “revelation.” 5 weeks out of an election. Of course.
  • Secondly, the proportion of the response. “…jihadi-like…” To hear the media and the Dems, you’d think nothing like this has ever happened before. Oh, give me a break! They sound like the Queen of Hearts – Off with their Heads! Siggy and many other blogs have related, ad nauseum, the lists of Democratic scandals, horrors and “mis-steps”. Along with their defiant lack of contrition. Did the Republicans react with such obvious glee? Did the media report, blatantly slobbering that they’ve influenced the election? The Politics and corruption are like peas in a pod.
  • Thirdly, who’s minding the store? While all this back-stabbing, finger-pointing, head-talking, inquiry-calling, page-sex-stealing is going on?

Hello? Is anybody in there? Or is everyone is front of a mike?

UPDATE II: TakingWisdom smells a rat.

Other bloggers are also suspious about the timing (h/t Macsmind) –

Although not confirmed, it’s being thrown around that ABC’s primary source for the computer chats and emails is the liberal watch dog group CREW.

Significant, because while there is a story about how the GOP leadership knew of Foley’s actions for at least a year, after which he was ordered to stop contact with the teen, there reports that CREW also knew of the allegations months ago. In fact according to reports, CREW had contacted the FBI, and were waiting to go public when ABC posted the story. So the obvious question is “Why wait”? I think it’s obvious they were waiting to have the greatest effect.

It is interesting that CREW now is calling for an independent counsel to look into – not Foley – but the GOP leadership. This less than fourty-eight hours after his resignation. Pretty darn quick I would say, since the facts are still coming out. It’s almost like they had it all …like, planned.

The proportion (from both sides of the aisle) – (h/t Flopping Aces)

Disgrace for every Republican member of Congress? Oh come on, puhlease. Stop the hysteria. Because ONE Republican turned out to be gay and had a thing for teenage men does not mean you can throw a blanket over the whole party. If that was the case then the blanket could have been thrown over the Democrats many times over since Studds and all the way up to Jefferson.

Doesn’t look like anybody’s minding the store at the moment. Especially no Democrats. They are all soooooo busy trying to ruin Republican’s lives and reputations in order to steal their seats. Big Lizards has an excellent piece on Bearing False Witness and how the Dems are soooo busted on this one.

Of all the kinds of lying, the most damaging and most despicable, practiced by only the most coldblooded and spiritually empty human vessels, is “bearing false witness.” BFW is not a typical lie to duck accountability for something you did wrong, nor even a lie to get some undeserved reward. BFW consists of deliberately and with malice aforethought testifying falsely — in court or elsewhere in public — in order to “convict” an innocent of some heinous crime or moral turpitude.

It’s not merely saying “I had nothing to do with raping that woman,” when the speaker was the one who held her down. It’s saying “I saw John Smith rape that woman,” when in fact the speaker knows that Smith is completely innocent.

Or trying to mislead people into believing that various Republican members of Congress were accomplices after the fact in a case of attempted statutory homosexual rape — when the Democratic liars know that those they accuse are in fact innocent.


Yet even so, the Democrats are trying to make it appear as though Reynolds knew Foley was sending explicitly sexual correspondence to a minor — when in fact, the Democrats are well aware that Reynolds knew only about non-sexual e-mails that were oddball but not threatening.

In so doing, they are attempting to destroy not just the career but the life of Congressman Reynolds — trying to get him not only thrown out of the House, but also trying to get his wife to divorce him, his children to disown him, and everyone he knows to shun him… just so that his Democratic opponent might have a better shot at beating him in the November election.

I do not believe I have ever seen a more reptillian, repulsive smear job in my adult lifetime. What’s next? Will they fly in the Green-Helmet Guy to plant dead children in Reynolds’ home?

Remember, it’s all about POWER.

UPDATED III:  As promised, Siggy’s Part Two of The Degradation of Political Legacies.    No one’s hands are clean.

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