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Light blogging today…..but some stories just won’t keep.

Michelle Malkin has had a video removed for “inappropriate content” by YouTube. Ohhh, Puuhllllleeeze. Don’t fall victim to Dhimmitude like some of the other sites have. Free speech applies as much to Michelle as to the throat-slitting executioners that post American whack-jobs filmed by cellphones. If you pull her, you have to pull the rest. And since YouTube won’t tell her WHY, she’s posted another video at least asking for the courtesy of a reply.

Now Foley blames all his problems on “former abuse by a clergyman”. Ohhhh, Puuhhhllleeezzzee.

A Georgia mom gets press in the UK over her fight to ban Harry Potter from school libraries. According to Ms. Mallory,

Referring to the recent rash of deadly assaults at schools, Mallory said books that promote evil – as she claims the Potter ones do – help foster the kind of culture where school shootings happen.

Ohhh, Puuhhleeze. While we’re at it – let’s just ban ALL the books with witches and fairies and guns. So that will get “Cinderella”, “Snow White & the Seven Dwarves”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Peter Pan”, “Ol’ Yeller”, pretty much any book writen about the American Revolution and/or the Civil War and 90% of Shakespeare. The FIRST Harry Potter book wasn’t even available in the US until the academic year before Columbine, so I REALLY see the connection there. Oh, gee lets read this book about an lonely orphaned wizard child who goes off to school and base the massacre of our high school on it. Riiiight.

A year later, the Danes are growing a spine and standing up to the MoToons rabble.

Victor Davis Hanson at PJM has an excellent roundup, including a puzzlement about the latest three books bashing Bush – WHY no footnotes? Imaginary conversations, perhaps?

CQ reminds us of Nazi depravity. Islam hopes to one-up them. Whom, by the way, are afraid of TREES.

The Washington Post can’t even get an obituary right.

Invisible riots (via Fausta for the French, and her pal SnappedShot for the Brit).

The Anchoress wonders…..

One of the reasons it always seems to be “believers” who are wreaking havoc is because the religion angle adds sensationalism and irony to a story, which makes it more interesting, thus the emphasis. Hence, a bad guy who used to be an altar boy gets the headline “Former Altar Boy Kills Six” while a murderer with no particular belief system does not get that issue addressed. His lack of belief adds nothing to pique a reader’s interest; the point is moot. He is simply a murderer with some other narrative – poor home, abusive parents, whatever.

Westboro Cult of Hate agrees to NOT protest at the murdered Amish girls funerals in exchange for “air-time” . We’ve discussed them before.

At least the traffic shouldn’t be so bad tomorrow. With all the Bush Derangement Moonbats sicking out of work & school, it should be a lovely commute tomorrow!

New “Feature” at Obi’s Sister

I’m adding a new PAGE as a sort of “permanent archive” of what I consider to be the GOOD NEWS that MSM refuses to report because it doesn’t dovetail with their agenda. It will be updated whenever I run across a good article or post. Or if YOU, dear reader, see something that the MSM is purposely ignoring, email it along.

So when you’re feeling down and out, and need some cheering up, just click on over to the “Good News You WON’T Hear from the MSM” page.

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