Good Moooorrrrning, America

Well, the (delinked) Day of Moronic Convergence didn’t help my commute any. In fact, it was worse. 3 blue light specials, before I even got to the Perimeter. Sheesh.

The Democrat’s “October Surprise” may very well blow up in their faces.

It looks like ABC will be caught in a Rathergate of its own over the Foley mess. And the whole thing could be a Democrat dirty tricks campaign.

The initial shock is wearing off and plenty of people are asking hard questions. Mostly questions that the lib Dems (typically) refuse to answer. Is America so asleep at the wheel that they don’t see this behavior for what it really is? Siggy:

The Empress Dowager of the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, is fond of accusing her Republican counterparts of harboring a ‘culture of corruption.’ Her Majesty has a short memory.

The obvious glee exhibited in the Foley incident is now giving way to a more “CYA” attitude. It’s disgusting all around and we Americans that are awake and paying attention are sick of it!

The world waits for the other “October Surprise” better known as “Hey Gang! The Let’s Blow Up Stuff For Ramadan Block Party Prayer Vigil”. I had an interesting discussion with my high-schooler this morning about Bush/Iraq/the world at large. Interesting what he said, but more interesting was how he accepted my calm arguments against his points. Now whether those points were truly his own, or those spewed by his teachers, I may never find out. But you could see him processing. He’s a good kid with a tender heart. I think he’s beginning to get it. One thing I stressed is that war, ANY war, is hard to take. It’s the end result that matters. Like Coach Richt’s motto – “Finish The Drill.” Victor Davis Hanson sums it up very well in his article “American and Its Discontents”. Just a taste – read the whole thing.

We are in a war at a time when Alfred A. Knopf freely published a novel exploring the idea of killing the Commander-in-Chief. A movie wins accolades for filming the same leftist dream of shooting George Bush. Bush as a “Nazi” is standard stuff these days in the media.

All such venom is voiced freely and without restrictions. Contrast our enemies: the pope, an opera, a novel, a cartoon, a film—all either muzzled or intimidated by the mere fear of Islamic violence. Carter should reread Aristotle’s Ethics and learn what true morality is: action to combat evil, not sermonizing from the Carter Center or campaigning for a Nobel Prize at a time of war by trashing his own government.

Liberty is always hard won; paid in blood.

Just when you thought the mullahs had legislated EVERYTHING. – Captain Ed discusses even more instruction regarding “personal recreation” during Ramadan:

And we thought asking about boxers and briefs was silly.

The Left’s best friends – world-wide terrorists and America-haters – continue their nasty work abroad. But don’t forget, the Saudis are our friends. Britain’s sad decline into dhimmitude continues. What a shame. I so enjoyed my trips to their lovely isle.

Speaking of dhimmis, cyber or otherwise, the YouTube censorship debate continues. I really could care less. They had a good thing going – they screwed it up big-time. GOP&College urges YouTube to grow a pair. We can get our vids from anywhere – that’s the joy of the internet. Another site, another server. YouTube will be a distant memory. In the meantime, enjoy Rocket Ride (MyPetJawa).

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