Taunts for Tennessee

This weekend is just too close to call. Joe-Three-Sticks is back but yesterday we lost Brandon Coutu. Munson should be reeling right now.

This calls for some good ol’ Ooga insults! (Reverently culled from The Anti Orange Page)

You —- Hickolian Hill People!
You —- Crop of Craven Creamsicles!
You —- Vile, Vain, Vitriolic and Vomitous Vol-People!

Your coach is —- Fulmer the Foul!
Your coach is —- the orangUTan himself, yea even Fulmer the Full-Bodied!
Your coach is —- the Flabby One!

From Ooga’s FAQ for Shrunken Head Collecting

Q. Hear my question, O Ooga! How taketh I the shrunken head of a Vol?
A. Ah, me! It canst NOT be done.
Q. Saith WHAT?
A. The head of the Vol, is it not already shrunken from birth? One canst not shrink what is already puny.

There! Take That! Neee-ah!

A Reverse Monica?!?

Gerard (American Digest and now grand poo-bah of PJM) just slays me….

This may well be the reverse Monica of the new century; the first time that a remote hand-job has had a hand, so to speak, in bringing down a government.

At the same time, the rich and full aroma of deep irony revolves around what can only be seen as a Democratic initiated and driven effort to purge Congress at all levels of homosexuals because they are, well, Republicans or work for same. Coming from a party that is first and foremost about advancing gay and lesbian rights on all fronts, it seems especially shameful that — to settle all their old scores and gripes and grievances — they are going willing to sacrifice the lives, careers and reputations of their fellow Americans on the altar of their derangement.

The Anchoress picked up on it as well, and promptly gave them ALL detention…

The Dems have projected incorrectly, I suspect. In the end the vomit is being spewed everywhere, they’re getting some on themselves, and they’ve just deepened and widened a gaping chasm into which the whole nation may disappear if some grown up politicians, on both sides, (are there any remaining?) do not begin to behave decently and maturely (you know, like STATESMEN AND WOMEN), and to demand it of their operatives, too, and if some members of the press cannot put the brakes on their own political passions and prejudices to smackdown (or find the courage to buck) their hyperventilating comrades.

Drudge is reporting that it all may be just a prank gone wild.

Blogging will be light today; in preparation/anticipation of tomorrow. Go Dawgs!

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