Taunts for Tennessee

This weekend is just too close to call. Joe-Three-Sticks is back but yesterday we lost Brandon Coutu. Munson should be reeling right now.

This calls for some good ol’ Ooga insults! (Reverently culled from The Anti Orange Page)

You —- Hickolian Hill People!
You —- Crop of Craven Creamsicles!
You —- Vile, Vain, Vitriolic and Vomitous Vol-People!

Your coach is —- Fulmer the Foul!
Your coach is —- the orangUTan himself, yea even Fulmer the Full-Bodied!
Your coach is —- the Flabby One!

From Ooga’s FAQ for Shrunken Head Collecting

Q. Hear my question, O Ooga! How taketh I the shrunken head of a Vol?
A. Ah, me! It canst NOT be done.
Q. Saith WHAT?
A. The head of the Vol, is it not already shrunken from birth? One canst not shrink what is already puny.

There! Take That! Neee-ah!

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