I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours

This Folygate – Who – Knew – What – And – When – And – If – You’re – Not – A – Democrat- I’ll – Out – You has plummetted so far, that is has crashed through the Earth’s crust and came out the other side. Into something along the line of a Mel Brook’s farce.

“Hello, Boys!”

But now The Blogs are cranking out some pretty funny stuff – anyone with an ounce of smart-a&& sense of honor is letting it rip. I’s like rugby on LSD. While I don’t have much time this morning (the soccer van calls), here’s just a taste (get it!? taste???):

The Anchoress is a Fussy Hussy. I like her list of jazz generators (Men in kilts!), but I’d like to add a few of my own. Sean Connery. Denzel. Bruce Willis. Harry Connick Jr. Whew, I need to stop. It’s getting warm in here! Update: Patrick Stewart… now we can’t forget him, can we? And Brad Pitt as Tristan, before he turned into such an A##. End Update

Gerard skewers David Corn, the latest gay to only want to out his gay political enemies for his tattle-tale meme (Shut UP about the stupid list already. For all we know that piece of paper you’re waving around is a recipe for your grandma’s turkey dressing!)

This latest obsession of his to make sure that only gay Republicans are outed against their will, however, leaves me with the suspicion that his flagpole only has the Rainbow at half-mast.

Still, it is perhaps a portent of things to come in America when everybody is going to run the Rainbow flag up their pole and confess, CONFESS, that at last we are all GAY! (Bravo Network shares THROUGH THE ROOF I tell you!)

and then bares his soul!

Now I have the strength to out myself as well. For decades I have been a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. I can’t help it. I have this deep need to pursue every beautiful woman I see. What can this be other than latent lesbianism?

Look around. By Monday morning, there should be enough stuff out there for several movie scripts. Call Mel! I’ll try to post more later….

This is so confusing. Up is Down, In is Out. Cover the babie’s ears. We’re ALL GAY.

Shhhhh -Don’t tell the SBC!

UPDATE: Adding fuel to the Anchoress’ lusty outing of her “married” own bad self, Siggy wisely says

Much as so many people would like to believe the world revolves around their crotch, it just isn’t so.

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