On Love, Ringtone Fatwas and an Iranian Sales Call

Honestly, folks, I don’t make this stuff up…

“If I can’t beat my wife, how will she know that I love her?” Abrone [age 41] asked, seated next to his silent teenage bride.

Read more in the LA Times article on cultural crash courses being taught to Somali refugees prior to coming to the US.

Really. They have to check their weapons at the door, but not their cell phones? Sweet.

An imam at a mosque in Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa against mobile phones after one rang during prayers on Saturday.

The Astute Bloggers think the NorK nuclear non-blast might have been an Iranian Sales Call.

Kim Jong Il might be trying to fake his way into a nuclear deterrent – and it might be because he’s closer to collapse than ever and more afraid than ever he will be attacked. But just maybe this was a sales demonstration. We know that Iranians were at the last missile tests on July Fourth. Maybe they – or their jihadoterrorist proxies – were at this one.

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