Diabolic Delight

In Britain, yet another storm is brewing. Nadia Eweida, a British Airways gate agent, has been suspended for refusing to remove her cross necklace while on duty. Julie McCaffery of the Mirror writes


IT is smaller than a 10 pence piece and all but invisible to people standing just inches away.

Yet Nadia Eweida’s tiny white gold cross is at the centre of a huge legal row that has engulfed Britain’s biggest airline and infuriated religious groups.

Check-in worker Nadia, 55, was forced to take unpaid leave by British Airways after refusing to remove the Christian emblem. But she claims it is a clear display of double standards as Muslims can wear head scarves and Sikh males their turbans.

As usual, Nadia is an exceptional employee, having worked at BA for seven years. She is firm in standing up for herself and her faith. It wasn’t an issue until she and other team members attended “diversity training”.Heh.

She [Nadia] said: “My case shows a company so scared of upsetting a minority that it has swung too far to the other side and upset the majority.

“It is clearly not fair that I am prohibited from wearing my cross, when Muslim ladies are allowed to wear a hijab and Sikhs freely wear turbans.

“They immediately identify that person’s religion. I imagine that’s why the teacher in Dewsbury is fighting to wear her veil.

She should be allowed to wear it in the classroom. I respect her views but what I don’t respect is one rule for some and another for others.”

Think it won’t happen here? It’s already begun….at schools. “Holiday” parties only. Students can discuss and learn about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, but mentioning Christmas is “insensitive”. Mall workers greet you with “Happy Holidays”. City Halls can display anything BUT a Nativity during December. Office workers are required to remove religious pictures/plaques/placards from their cubicles so as not to “offend”. Shall I go on? At this rate, we’ll be there in no time.

Every time a symbol of God’s love is banished, Satan dances a little jig. Political correctness has made his job sooooooo easy.

Then we’re only a few steps away from our children being crucified in the neighborhood cul-de-sac.

Read the entire story and when you’re finished, drop British Air an email showing your support for Nadia. I’d list it under “Any other questions”.

Underground Connections

One cannot help but wonder if this is connected to this. After all, all the Earth’s little pieces fit together like a finely crafted puzzle. The Midget with a Bad Hair is tinkering with the seams. And while we can cut off his supply of adult beverages and slacks-in-desperate-need-of-hemming, we can’t cut off his supply of Cuban cigars and Iranian uranium. The best thing that can happen with all this is that he either blows himself up, or he and his cronies are exposed to so much radiation that they will all be easily recognizable by their multiple facial features.

In the meantime, the people of North Korea are ALREADY starving. Sanctions will not make conditions any more brutal for them.

The Anchoress and Gates of Vienna both see the darkness spreading it’s shadowy wings over more and more of our world.

[Anchoress] I suspect that what we are seeing is not merely a resurgence of a specifically “Christian” martyr-mood. Daniel Pearl was killed for being a Jew who trusted, and who actually wanted to give sympathetic hearing to his murderers. Film director Theo Van Gogh was brutally killed because he trusted that the right to free expression still trumped everything else.

To trust is an innocent – some would say naive – thing. But innocence lives in a Godly place, and so does trust. We are watching innocent people of all faiths Christians, Jews and Muslims (particularly Muslim women) fall under a sword which increasingly overshadows all nations no matter how innocent, no matter how trusting, or how “sensitive.” We are also watching the evil which devalues life in its beginnings, and at its end and whenever it doesn’t “contribute” to society, have an unimpeded frolic in innocent blood. Like Anita Ekberg in the fountain in La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life!), the evil opens its arms and lets the blood wash over it. It poses, smiling as though it has done precisely the thing that needed doing.

[Dymphna] The more you learn about Iraq, the less you know. It is a complicated country, full of contradiction and contrasts. It behooves all of us to learn what we can, and to bear witness to the terrible deaths brought on by sectarian hatred.

No doubt the US will be blamed somehow for the crucifixion of the young Christian boy in Albasra, or the rapes of Christian girls by Iraqi marauders.

Complicated, yes. Connected, yes. It all goes back to one man who walked this earth and the angel that fell from heaven. One man taught love, forgiveness, charity, integrity, hope – and gave his life willingly as a sacrifice. The angel? Well, we all know what he teaches. We hear it on the news every evening and read it in the papers in the morning.

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