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Atlanta is getting it’s first Trader Joe’s – minus the “Three-Buck-Chuck”. Thank YOU, Georgia Legislature. Second location to come will be in Midtown. Yummy. A new place to eat lunch.

Dirty bomb for Dirty Birds? Hope not…..DHS thinks it is a hoax, like the earlier threat during March Madness. MyPetJawa has the latest.

The Anchoress should hop a plane down…Keifer’s gonna be in the Big A this weekend. Doubt he’ll bring his kilt, tho.

The former Cobb Co. School Super Joe Redden, author of the Apple for Everybody fiasco, ditched a grand jury appearance yesterday. I remember when school used to be about learning (and recess), not laptops and paperwork.

The new Symphony Hall fundraising hits a fermata. Keep the awesome concert space, lose the “wings”. I always thought the artist’s rendering of the building looked like a Minbari battlecruiser anyway.

Now if they could just fix the TRAFFIC…..

On Enabling, Projecting and Displacing

Just pick one.

I continue to be fascinated by human behavior. How people act and react to situations and scenarios. How one word or raised eyebrow can clear a room or start a brawl. We are all wondrously made. And everyone of us is wired differently. Some are calm under pressure, some are twitchy, some are loud and brash, some are not, some are deep thinkers, some are devout, some just smell like chocolate-chip cookies. Thus the fascination. I’m no expert nor am I the proud owner of an advanced degree in anything related to the study of these beings. Science was not my best subject. I liked words, stories, tales, history, writing, art, music. I majored in the wrong thing. <<Sigh>>

That being said, the political shenanigans of the last few weeks have been an amateur-psychoanalyst-wanna-be dream come true. Why did they do this? Why did they say? Who said what to whom? Who knew what when? Tell me about your relationship with your mother….

Many, many people have been writing about this the last few weeks….much better than I. The triumvirate of shrinks, Dr. Sanity, Siggy & Gagdad Bob have some outstanding observations –

Dr. Sanity, like myself was bored and disinterested with politics until 9/11. She has no party affiliation. She, also like me, has a consuming interest in learning as much about Islam as she can. One problem is that they live in opposite-land, when it comes to human behavior. About her blog, she says

Many of the posts on this blog deal with what I consider the essential “side-issues” of the war on terror; such as the obstructionist behavior of Democrats with regard to that war; the bias of the mainstream media; the deterioration of academic institutions and postmodern thought; the political left and the remnants of communism and socialism; and modern-day feminists (part of the political left,sadly, but destructive enough in their own right); as well as a variety of other topics as the whim moves me.

Well said! Oooohhh, but there’s more…

It is my contention that the Democrats, the MSM, the Left (including feminists, communists and socialist dead-enders) and various other assorted groups I choose to comment on do exactly that: wittingly or unwittingly, they enable, support, or facilitate terror and terrorists.

[…] However, in their current toxic iteration; and because they seem to have taken over the previously tolerable Democratic Party, I can no longer ignore them. Their unbelievable behavior over the past 5+ years has consistently provided aid and comfort to an enemy that is simply the greatest threat to civilization in my lifetime. Whether their behavior is conscious or not, I really don’t care. The results are the same.

And, if you don’t think that their enabling behavior has caused considerable death, destruction and other serious consequences to our country and our military, then you are not looking at the big picture of what is going on in the world today. If you do not understand that all their activity and bluster; all their slogans and hysteria are designed to make the United States lose this war, then you are extremely naiive. Take a look at what they are doing. They have attempted to obstruct the prosecution of this war on every front. They have deliberately and with malice aforethought managed to create the impression that our military forces are composed of brutal thugs; while at the same time they coddle the real brutal thugs we are fighting. Rather than being the “loyal” opposition, they have descended at times, I believe, to actual treasonous behavior. The Democrats, in particular, have shown repeatedly that they hate George Bush and Dick Cheney more than they love this country. The Republicans, as I have said many times are bad enough with their slippery and opportunistic behavior patterns, but the Democrats are completely despicable.

Some of my best friends are Democrats (remember I work for an institution of higher learning). Siggy takes Glenn Greenwald to task, on his (Glenn’s) complaining about a post of Dr. Sanity’s, that he (Glenn) apparently never read. Like a kid looking for a reason to have a tantrum or book reviewers who bash books they never read. But that doesn’t stop them from writing a long and scathing review in the NYT (another rant for another day). Siggy, master zinger, says

Glenn Greenwald fails to see his own projection and pathology. He feels the need to question Dr Sanity’s credentials (speaking of credentials, Glenn…) and accuses her of doing exactly what he does, day in and day out- demean those who disagree with his own worldview. He also attempts to obfuscate the distinctions made by Dr Sanity’s (and others) between classical liberals and leftists […]

He further illustrates the thought that Dr. Sanity put out –

Try as they might, the Democrats could not sway middle America with ideas that were not existent or bias that was nothing short of hate. Only a sex scandal (some would argue the scandal was choreographed and timed by some Dems) seemed to stir the electorate.

Gagdad Bob, like the Dread Pirate Roberts, comes after their souls.

Our enemies in the Muslim world are our enemies precisely because they are sick men from sick societies who wish to spread their disease to the rest of the world. But in our own world, approximately half of the population suffers from a soul pathology that prevents them from making judgments on, or even perceiving, the soul pathology of our external enemies. Thus, there are no feminist groups who have rallied behind George Bush, who has liberated more Muslim women than perhaps any other human being in history. Likewise, I know of no leftists who celebrate the achievements of the great liberator Ronald Reagan, who gave millions of victims of a satanic ideology the opportunity to become human again. For if leftists were to acknowledge these achievements, they would no longer be leftists. They would be cured.

After pondering on all these deep thoughts, I think Dr. Sanity’s definition of Displacement sums it up the best…..



UPDATE: The Dems in 1884, The Dems in 2006. See any difference?

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