Her First Election

This is the first election my oldest will vote in. Her absentee ballot is on it’s way to her college mailbox. She’s taking Political Science this semester – it will be good to see how the process works. She also has a decent professor, who allows (and encourages) dissent and debate. Not one of the usual wackos. So… How do you explain to the typical self-centered teen how important their vote is? How do you explain to someone who only lives for the here and now that the vote she casts has a ripple effect for the next 4 to 6 years? It will effect the taxes she will face when she graduates and FINDS A JOB, or how her loans will be handled when she graduates and goes on for her Masters (and more loans), or how secure she will feel once she’s finally on her own, or face persecution and discrimination because her Constitutional rights have evaporated, or if she will be able to even afford the health care to pay for her meds, or if she can buy a home, or if she can practice her religion freely, or if she can even speak out against tyrany, or if she will forced to wear the burqa and (Dear Jesus help me) endure all the rest that goes with dhimmitude.

Tough choices for the young and short-sighted.

Thomas Sowell, one of America’s best, summed it up perfectly:

You may deserve whatever you get if you vote frivolously in this year’s election. But surely the next generation, which has no vote, deserves better.

Conservative Blog Therapy is keeping a running list of links from now until the Election. Check it everyday.

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