Spin, Rinse, Repeat

I swear, nothing is sacred. Michael J Fox, of whom I was a former fan, is pimping his Parkinson’s disease in a campaign ad. During the World Series! Sad. Sad. It’s the typical, “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” meme. Anchoress:

The proponents of ESC research like to say obnoxious things along the lines of “Bush is against science,” and “[Talent] doesn’t want Michael J Fox to stop moving, just like the nazis on the right didn’t want Christopher Reeve to walk again!” And they like to pretend that ESC research and funding have been – or are about to be – criminalized. The truth is and always has been that scientists are free to conduct experiments using ESC, and private investors are free to fund it. All President Bush has ever said was, “the government is not going to fund it, the government is not going to help you create more ESC lines.” Booo…Hisss….

I feel badly for Michael J Fox, and for the father of my former neighbor who worked his garden while his Parkinson’s afflicted body flailed and he paced the plantings with a scissor-like walk. I felt badly for Pope John Paul II when he could no longer control his body, and I feel badly for the Rev. Billy Graham, too. I hope with all my heart that a treatment or cure can be found to alleviate such suffering. But let’s stop pretending that to be against government funding of ESCR is to be some mustachio-curling eeeevil entity who revels in human suffering, and let’s also stop pretending that Embryonic Stem Cell Research is a hotbed of medical innovation and staggering success, when precisely the opposite is true.

My brother-in-law has Parkinson’s. He continues to pastor. He continues to plug along. He looked great the last time I saw him. His sweet spirit shines through it all. MJ probably has way better care than he will ever get. MJ needs to do more research before he opens his mouth. While he still can.

In a related sort of way, Byron Calume of the NYT now says printing the “leak” of the SWIFT program (which monitored banking transactions by terrorist suspects) was a BAD IDEA…..does this fit into the category of “I voted for the 83 million, before I voted against it…” oopsies? What’s wrong, honey? Somebody blow up your Beamer? Good Lord, this man is a piece of work! The Anchoress has no sympathy and neither do I.

…What kept me from seeing these matters more clearly earlier in what admittedly was a close call? I fear I allowed the vicious criticism of The Times by the Bush administration to trigger my instinctive affinity for the underdog and enduring faith in a free press — two traits that I warned readers about in my first column.

Vicious criticism? Oh, you mean like when President Bush said “these sorts of leaks destroy programs that are saving lives?” Oh, my…that’s vicious. It’s not like Bush called the Times a name…it’s not like Bush took a tone with the Times that came anywhere near the tone the Times editors routinely take over him or his administration. “Waaaaahhhh…I didn’t like how Bush was, so I didn’t do my job! Wahhhh.”

Clearly if you can’t do your job because you can’t put your wounded pride aside, then you shouldn’t be in that job. An ombudsman is supposed to look at a story and judge the rightness of it, without passion or prejudice. Calame has demonstrated he cannot do this, at least not in a timely manner…or above the fold. I give him credit for admitting it, but now that he has seen that he cannot detach his feelings from his work, he should resign.

Squiggler has a round up on the “Waaaaahhhh!” And of Course, the NYT doesn’t believe it worthy of the front page.

I have no patience today.

Moron. Both of them. All of them.

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