The California Mufti

Did you know that California had a mufti? Neither did I. Read on…..

Stephen Schwartz writes a must read on Family Security Matters (h/t Religion of Peace). In “Is California an Islamic Republic?” he writes about a self-proclaimed mufti in California. A radical Muslim, conveniently posing as a moderate Sufi, beginning around 9/11/2001. Even better is how Schwartz outlines, in plain English, just part of the the divergence between moderate and radical Islam. It’s basic, but it’s what every American needs to hear.

Is California an Islamic republic, with sharia courts and a state-recognized mufti? Of course not.

Does Hamza Yusuf Hanson, a poseur living in California, fantasize that such a reality will come about?

Of course. Even in his alleged Sufi incarnation, Hamza Yusuf Hanson propagandizes for the Islamization of America.

Is “Islamic America” a mainstream Muslim principle? Of course not. Moderate Muslims long ago accepted that the West is ruled by non-Muslims, and that Muslims who emigrate to the West have to accept that fact. All religious believers are proud of their faith, and many engage in proselytism. But none except radical Muslims propose a wholesale transformation of Western religious life. Mormons actively seek new members but do not proclaim that some day soon the world, or even America , will be Mormon; nor do Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Christian Scientists. Nor, most important, do Catholics and Protestants, who are the leading communities in America , and who certainly accept converts. Nor do Buddhists, who are widely approached by religious seekers. Born-again Christians do not declare that all Americans must some day join their particular denominations. Jews do not proselytize at all.

It is one thing to argue that one’s religion is the sure path to paradise. It is quite another to argue that one’s faith is the sole basis for good governance on earth, or that its law should soon prevail in a country where it now represents a small, mainly-immigrant minority. Normal Muslims, aside from the ignorant and gullible, consider such views madness.

It is neither a mainstream nor a moderate Muslim position to claim, as Hamza Yusuf’s chief deputy, an individual named Ziad Shakir, did as recently as June 18, 2006, in the pages of The New York Times: “ ‘Every Muslim who is honest would say, I would like to see America become a Muslim country,’ he said.” That means the great majority of Muslims, according to Hanson and his cohort, are dishonest, because they, from Bosnia to Borneo and from Algeria to Zanzibar, accept the non-Muslim religious identity of the West.

Another way to tell is that they are all part of The Big Lie. My education in things Islamic continues….

A dear friend of mine has a male friend who is Muslim. She says that in light of our current environment, over the years they have had many discussions on his religion and her’s as well. He is a kind and spiritual person. And he disagrees with the radical positions that are trumpeted by the MSM. I read somewhere that many moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out against the aberration of radical Islam. Many feel or have actually been threatened. Many moved West to escape the oppression in their native lands. To be able to practice the Islam they know and love (a little “freedom of religion” music swell here) without fear of persecution or reprisal. They are the hope within Islam. And I hope they can rise up and help their radical brothers see how they have bastardized their mutual religion for their own gain. Without them, Islam is lost.

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