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Office of the Inquistor

Siggy had an excellent post yesterday covering a wide range of Islamic topics that I think boil down to just this:

In what is a strange turn of events, it is the radical Muslims and leftists that have become the Crusaders, using religion and culture as a justification for all kinds of evil perpetrated in the name of their beliefs. They have their own Office of the Inquisition, where all who do not agree are subject to all kinds of punishment. Disagree, hold to your own beliefs and you are subject to death.

Oh, and this too…

It is now radical Islam and the Left that have become repressive and oppressive. It is now radical Islam and the Left that demand uniformity and demand that self expression be expunged- unless it is approved self expression.

The god of radical Islam and the left refused to allow God to look out after his own interests. They, and they alone, would speak for God- as if He needed their help- and agenda, in defining what was moral and just.

And don’t forget this point…

In fact, radical Islam and the Left are bound and determined to kill God. They cannot be satisfied coexisting with believers, because believers will always challenge their moral emptiness. Unlike radical Muslims and Leftists, Christians, Jew and Buddhists do not lose any sleep because they worship differently.

Dammit, just read the whole thing. It’s outstanding and right on the nose!

WorldNetDaily has an article by Craige McMillan on a nationwide dhimmitude survey that is going to take place.

You probably didn’t know it, but in less than two weeks the United States is conducting a nationwide poll on dhimmitude. This will be a very large sample of likely voters. In fact, it will be everyone who votes, legally or not.

You may not see the term dhimmitude printed on your ballot, but rest assured – it is there. […]

That’s true. But you can look for its abbreviation after the various candidate names. With only a handful of exceptions it shows up as a “D” after the candidates name. And while it is true that a few “moderate” (mediaspeak for liberal) Republicans support the dhimmitude agenda, the only Democrat senator I know of who supports a vigorous resistance to dhimmitude is Joe Lieberman. Oops – he’s running as an Independent. His party booted him out in the primary election and embraced the dhimmitude “D” candidate.

What they (the Left and Islamic extremists) just don’t get is

Iraq was invaded to destabilize the Islamic terrorist regimes around it with a democratically elected government, greater rights for women and economic hope (all an anathema to Islamic theocracies). Our government believed it was preferable to engage the terrorists on their own soil, as opposed to our shopping malls, sports stadiums, public schools and Starbucks coffee shops. Perhaps the war should be judged on how many of the latter have experienced terrorist bombings.

Both are stuck in “Rewind”. Rewind to Pre-Reagan. Rewind to the Dark Ages. Both are focused on WINNING, WINNING, WINNING and that’s all. Over at CQ is just one example of the complete lack of integrity regarding his pal Pam Wolfe, who is running for State Senate in Minnesota. It’s an amazing testimony of the appalling depths the Left will wallow in.

Rather than debate actual issues, the Democratic Party (called the DFL in Minnesota) spent their time digging through Pam’s divorce records and cobbled together a string of ludicrous charges onto a full-color flyer they have dropped all over SD-51.

Ms. Wolfe’s rebuts with concrete facts, but then goes further

The real question is, who publicizes the most agonizing incidents in someone’s life for their own political gain? Who would stoop so low as to dredge up a family’s most painful memories and display them like a trophy? How low will they go?

Good question, Pam. Why? WHY?

Gators Eat Boogers

Ok, you Rowdy Redcoats out there, let’s sing the song….

Ga-tors, Ga-tors, how’djah like to bite my a**, Ga-tors, Ga-tors, how’djah like to bite it twice…

You know the rest… 🙂

For questions on the UF-UGA contest etiquette, see The Fraternal Order of the Anti-Orange Establishment’s Gator Guide. Man, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have, unless, of course, you go get to Bourbon St. for a Sugar Bowl weekend.

Now with Larry moaning like he’s got the world’s biggest hemorrhoid, and the line being UF +14, and everybody more in a snit about WHAT to call the game than our offensive line being all beat up and having to start a freshman quarterback….it may look like a dark day for the Dawgs. But even if the Dawgs do lose, one universal truth remains unchanged….

Gators Eat Boogers

It’s Great – To Be – A Gator Hater! It’s Great – To Be – A Gator Hater! It’s Great – To Be – A Gator Hater! Go Dawgs!

Amen Brother and God Bless Coach Richt.

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