Barbara Boxer, Professor of Higher Math

Philip O’Connor over at TCSDaily has an interesting piece on war-time mortality rates that begs a full reading. It’s especially enlightening in the context of the latest flip-flop acts in the Democrat’s Circus since the election swung their way. In times past, you usually didn’t change your position until AFTER the oath of office was taken, and then you smugly would say “I misspoke” or “You didn’t understand my meaning”. Blah Blah Blah. But I digress…..

Rep. Boxer continues her cut-and-run chant and uses congressional calculus to back up her stance.

Following the Democratic mid-term triumph, California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer told National Public Radio that the recent average daily loss of three military people in Iraq necessitated disengagement as soon as possible. Sen. Boxer has posed a fundamental question: What price in American lives are we prepared to pay for our national security policies?

Mr. O’Connor then cites statistics that put the WOT (especially in Irag) in perspective. Technology plays a big part in these numbers as well as the troops themselves. They’re not quite as ignorant as most Congress”people” would lead you to believe. And they are not in it for the money, either.

In the full sweep of U.S history, from the commencement of the Revolution on Lexington Green in April 1775, until the sunny morning of September 11, 2001, our average daily sacrifice has been between 14 and 15 military fatalities (1,217,000 fatalities/83,461 days = 14.6/day). Since 9/11, the average daily sacrifice has been 1.7 per day (3200/1900=1.68).

From the Revolutionary War until the American entry into World War I, the average daily rate was about 11 per day (578,000/52,231=11.07). From World War I through the break up of the Soviet Union, the rate was over 16 per day (636,000/38,811=16.39). Or in our long running confrontation with Soviet communism following World War II until the collapse of the Soviet empire, the rate was over between 6 and 7 per day (112,400/16,892=6.65).

Because of men like my uncles and my dad, and those before them, our liberty is the envy of the world. That’s why so many peoples and nations fight us so – unadulterated jealousy of an uncomprehendingly free way of life. That’s why the generation of these brave men is called The Greatest, in that they understood the price to be paid to defeat tyranny. And they were willing to do just that.

As things stand, the conflict with Islamic radicalism involves the lowest average daily military fatality rate of any long run national security era. It may worsen, it may improve. If Congress had been asked on September 12, 2001, to endorse a national defense posture against Islamic radicalism that traded up to 2 military fatalities per day over the subsequent five years in return for no additional homeland attacks, the deposing of terror friendly regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, the ending of Libya’s nuclear program, what would they have done? Would Congress accept that bargain today?

Tell me, Ms. Boxer, would you? If you knew the numbers would be SO LOW, would you? So you would have the right to impugn your President ad nauseum, to shop where you want, to worship (if you worship anything other than yourself) where and whom you want, to be able to speak freely without fear, to be able to bear arms, to be able to travel about freely (no papers?), to speak whatever language you want, to marry whom you want, to live where you want, to eat what you want, to wear what you want…shall I go on?

In light of the impending holiday (of which no Christmas music should ever blare over the airways BEFOREHAND)…tell me, Ms. Boxer…no…no…look at me now, are you THANKFUL for being born American?

I certainly am. And I won’t let you take that away from me.

In the meantime, while I rant, The Anchoress links to AJ Strata and muses on what’s to come for Bush Conservatives. Not just conservatives, or Republicans, or both or neither. AJ writes about many issues that define us (read the whole thing and bookmark it-it’s like a conservative manifesto of sorts), but in relation to this post, this one item alone sums it all up.

Bush Conservatives do not see failure in Iraq, they see the long hard, generational fight we were warned was coming. Bush conservatives will not ally with liberals to find an exit and let the terrorists follow our troops home. Bush Conservatives do not blame Bush for Al Qaeda’s tenacity. We salute Bush for his tenacity.

Did you get that Ms. Boxer? …”let the terrorist follow our troops home.” Your new neighbor or maybe next year’s Trick-or-Treater will blow you up without blinking an eye. Blow me up. Blow us all up. And then praise Allah for the victory against the infidel.

Coach Mark Richt of THE University of Georgia Bulldogs football team is a great man and only one of the few humans who are deemed worthy to succeed the esteemed Vince Dooley. From his first year as coach, he has instilled one tantamount principle in his players: FINISH THE DRILL. It’s painted above the team door they use to enter Sanford Stadium. The players reach up and touch it as they exit. It’s the last thing they see before they enter the field and face their opponents. That is the mentality that’s needed to defeat this threat to all that is good and right in this country and on this earth.

I’m glad we had this talk, Ms. Boxer. Maybe you’ve learned something…


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