No Room in Chicago’s Inn

The City of Chicago threatened to pull it’s support of the city’s extremely popular 4 week long “Christkindlmarket” unless the market’s promoters removed The Nativity Story from it’s list of sponsors. (h/t WizBang). I need one of those dancing icons that rolls it’s buggy little eyes for this one, folks….

The promoters caved.

New Line Cinema, producers of the movie, are befuddled as to why their $12,000 committment to the market was rebuffed

We don’t understand why our sponsorship would be rejected for religious reasons, particularly considering the fact that our film details the story that inspired the holiday season that the Christkindlmarket was created to celebrate.

Well, DUH. Let’s disect this, shall we?

My German is sad at best, but I can cipher this out, I think. “Christkindlmarket” = Christ + child (kindl) + market. Hmmmm….Seems it’s a market to celebrate the German traditions (which are always fun and involve lots of cookies) surrounding the Christmas holiday. Now isn’t the Christmas holiday supposed to celebrate the birth of the Christ? You know, Jesus, the son of Mary & Joseph? The manger scene, the shepherds, the wise guys, the star? Just how moronic can this decision be?

Captain Ed says it best

This decision is so stupid, it’s difficult to get angry about it. Exactly which sensitive attendees of a Christmas celebration will the city be saving? If ever a target market ever existed, it’s the Christkindlmarket. People go there to celebrate Christmas, and while the holiday may not have much religious significance for many of them, they can’t be offended by a reminder of its religious roots — especially since many of the displays will reflect just that.

Their excuse? Mindless multiculturalism, meaning that they reject one culture in order to keep from offending others. The festival will have displays that reflect other religious traditions, which it should, but apparently having The Nativity Story as a sponsor of the event twisted the delicate balance that the city believes it must strike in order to legitimize their involvement. Apparently, they want to keep too much Christmas from invading Christmas.

Rational multiculturalism means accepting everyone’s culture, not keeping scorecards and points about how much of one we get at the expense of the other. Irrational multiculturalism has governments trying to protect the tender feelings of a handful — if that — of overly sensitive critics who will find any excuse to complain about everything, no matter what effort gets made. Anyone who worries that there’s too much Christmas in Christmas has defined himself as a practitioner of the latter.

Where’s Linus when I need him?

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