The Weekend Vision

It’s strange how life unfolds. Sunday morning, bright and way too early, instead of at church or shopping for Christmas gifts, we were at the soccer fields one last time for the season. The pitch was brittle with frost. We were the first car there, besides the poor soul setting up the T-shirt table in the dark. We parked above the complex, munched on the remains of breakfast and watched the dawn’s light collect. Grays and purples turned in greens and blues. Dark shadows turned into leafless trees. Even the muddy spots sparkled, even if for only a moment. Then he collected his gear and barrelled out to greet some teammates.

That’s when I had the vision. I saw the man my boy was becoming. Tall, broad-shouldered, long-legged, strong, friendly. Striding down the hill, oblivious to the cold, in the middle of it all, living in the moment. Life is good.

I enjoyed the moment. Then thanked the One who sent him my way.

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