The Dog Ate My Homework and other Friday Perpenticulars

Honestly, I don’t make this stuff up…..

I can see it now… the lastest round of excuses in this Muslim Woman’s Disrupted Prayers at the Gym routine. ‘Cept, instead of the usual whiney, entitlement spew we’re becoming accustomed to hearing, I think it will breed an entire new crop of excuses for being late to work, late back from lunch, missing homework etc. How’s about:

  • Seriously, Mr. BossMan, I was late today because I couldn’t get to my locker at the gym because this woman was laying in front of my locker and like, I couldn’t disturb her, you know, so I couldn’t get my clothes out, so I couldn’t get dressed or get my car keys or my purse and all and that’s why I’m late.
  • I’m sorry, Ms. Taylor, I couldn’t finish my art project because you see this lady was laying on my bookbag and all my art pencils were in it, you know, and she’d wrinkled the paper. I think she was asleep, but she kept talking really softly, you know, and I was afraid I’d be yelled at if I asked her to move. Mom told me not to talk to strangers. Besides, she was scary, you know, I couldn’t see her face. She was dressed all in blue, like a Smurf. I’m sorry. Please don’t make me write sentences again.
  • Seriously, Mr. BossMan, we left the restaurant with plenty of time to get back, but you see, there were these six guys on rugs laying in front of the parking garage. Nobody would ask them to move. They kept swaying and yelling Allah or something like that. Traffic was backed up for quite a bit. Then there was a fight. And the police came but those guys kept yelling Allah.

Seeeee? How easy was that? Now, you try it……

In Clayton County, home of the BossHawgMoron, the courts have finally decided what color the walls of the courthouse can be painted. This fella has to be the most inept, litigious sheriff since that Nottingham dude. Look it up, Victor.

The Democrats continue to aid and abet our enemies. Maybe when some city is evaporated, some mucky-muck up in DC will say ‘GEEE, do ya think we might could have jailed these traitors before a milliion people were killed?’ I guess it’s ok as long as the bombs aren’t pointed at your own district.

Is this woman wearing a shirt? At first glance, it can be a bit disconcerting. I don’t know if the Fug Girls do politics or not. They should take a crack at Adrianna. Especially since SHE, of ALL PEOPLE, says that Hillary is fake. (Insert side-splitting laughter here).

The Iraq Study Group’s report has people waxing their fruit. Literally.

In the ever entertaining world of Sleaze, we see that ‘B’ music singer (as in ‘B’ movie actor) Gwen Stefani is whispered to have been bequethed Madonna’s Great Missle Bra from the Sky. Salieri would be SOOOO PROUD.

And while we’re on the subject of appropriate undergarments and the wearing of said foundations in public, The Divine Miss M admits to wearing some. And lots of them.

Finally, Dr. Sanity sets the record straight. (I love it!) I think the term “repetition compulsion” applies to Ol’ Victor (see above).

Have a great weekend.

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