A little Anti-Grinchiness…UPDATED

Two things that make me VERY happy….See the dimples?

Dimples (AKA David Pollack) is now out of his halo. For those not BullDawg-aware, David Pollack is the former UGA All-American and Lombardi winner who went on to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. Since breaking his neck in his second pro season, he’s been the focus of heaps of prayers by the BullDawg nation for his safe and speedy recovery. Looks like things are moving along a little ahead of schedule! Go Dawgs!

Alexandra of AllThingsBeautiful is back in the saddle after an extended absence. “TypePad is on [her] fatwa list”…kinda like Cingular is on mine. 6 weeks until my contract expires with those dastardly cheats and I’m free! But I digress…the universe is safe again with Alexandra out there tellin’ it like it is!

UPDATE:  Found out today that David needs surgery on his neck to repair the injury.  The surgery will be in the next few weeks.

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