Muhammad 101

Michelle Malkin has an excellent, EXCELLENT interview with Robert Spencer, author of The Truth About Muhammad and proprietor of JihadWatch, over at HotAir.

Excellent outlines, explanations about Islam, Muhammad, Jihad – all in plain, easy to understand English. Watch it several times.

There WILL be a quiz.

UPDATE: Here’s part 2.

The Christmas Memories, Part 1

Somewhere during the Christmas blitzkreig, I plan to write a series of posts about my favorite Christmas memories.

Here’s one:

The Kids are 3 & 7. My husband is serving a small Methodist church in metro Atlanta. This particular Christmas, we put on a child’s Nativity pageant during the morning service. We had a good range of children’s age groups, but a particularly large and unruly crop of 3-4 year olds – mostly BOYS. Everyone was in costume. With appropriate accessories. My oldest was an angel, all white with tinselly wings and halo. One of the other angel was another 6 year old girl who had a propensity of pulling her dress up over her head whenever she was in front of the church. This day was no exception. There’s Mary & Joseph (both around age 6) at the manger. If I remember correctly, Baby Jesus was a REAL baby. (Baby A?? -D, help me here). The wise men and shepherds were all 3-4 year olds. I am in the vestibule, in charge of the thundering herd of children to be send down the aisle at the appropriate time. To the sounds of carols, the children process down the aisle very cutely and sweetly to visit the tiny Holy Family (angels to the sides all around). The shepherds (of which my least’un was one) carried adorable little stuffed sheep about a foot tall with little bells on their collars. They processed down the aisle, little bells tingling, and promptly threw their little sheepies in the manger with the baby Jesus. The little bells went tingle, tingle, thunk. Then the little wise guys tromped down the aisle and promptly added their fine gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the pile in the manger. Thunk, thunk, clank. Baby Jesus just wiggled and giggled, covered with stuff. Then they all crowded around the manger, hanging on the sides, like kids do when they smother the birthday boy opening his presents. Priceless.

The parents were crying, they were laughing so hard!

Happy Birthday Jesus, sheep and all!

In Dire Need of Mending

Peter Kann, chairman of Dow Jones, has pinned an excellent commentary on The Media Is In Need of Some Mending. While he says “Some”, I believe the appropriate word is more along the lines of “Dire”. Read the whole thing.

You’ll be relieved to know that [Thomas] Jefferson did remain true to his primary principle: “The press,” he concluded, “is an evil for which there is no remedy. Liberty depends upon freedom of the press and that cannot be limited without being lost.” He was right then, and we are right now, to prefer a free press, however flawed, to any controlled alternative. Still, as we watched CNN flashing its pre-election logos each day — “Broken Borders,” “Broken Government,” “Broken Politics,” Broken Everything — I can’t help thinking the media, too, is in need of some mending.

He goes on to list 10 current media trends that should disturb anyone’s sensibilities:

  1. The blurring of the lines between journalism and entertainment.
  2. The blurring of lines between news and opinion.
  3. The blending of news and advertising, sponsorships or other commercial relationships.
  4. The problems and pitfalls inherent in pack journalism.
  5. The issue of conflict and context.
  6. The exaggerated tendency toward pessimism.
  7. The growing media fascination with the bizarre, the perverse and the pathological — John Mark Karr journalism.
  8. Social orthodoxy, or political correctness.
  9. The media’s short attention span.
  10. The matter of power.

At its best news informs and enlightens the citizens of a free society and thereby safeguards and strengthens our democracy. At its worst — dishonest, unfair, irresponsible — the media has potential to erode the public trust on which its own success depends and to corrode the democratic system of which it is so indispensably a part.

I wonder if anyone at AP will bother to read it. The Anchoress’ excellent round-up has all the links fit to print on APGate’s “Dammit, it’s right because we said so”…

Finally, the AP is still insisting that its “six men burned alive, four mosques torched” story is true, – just because they say it is, dammit, even though no one can be found to substantiate it. Confederate Yankee notes that most bloggers on the left seem okay with the press going “Truthy” as long as it’s a truthiness they like. Dangerous game, that. Grow a monster like that, and eventually it is gonna bite you, too. CY and Flopping Aces are responding to the AP an organization which is taking umbrage at daring to be questioned by mere bloggers, but still not willing to look too deeply into its own sources. MIchelle Malkin has a good roundup on that story. And more here. Doug Ross has some fun at the press’ expense, too.

Thomas Jefferson once described the press this way (after seven years of severe criticism): “I deplore the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed, and the malignity, the vulgarity and the mendacious spirit of those who write them.”

Seems nothing much has changed.

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