Scammin’ Imams and Smelly Rats

At a time when our thoughts should be turning toward peace on earth, benevolence toward our fellow man, family gatherings and the celebration of our Lord’s birth, we are continually distracted by the world-wide media blaring the fake news and ridiculous posings of supposed religious leaders railing at high decibels to whatever cameras will point in their general direction. “I’m not an imam, but I played one on TV….see…that’s me on Fox News….I’m famous!”

As with anything related to Radical Islam, everything you see on the surface is a lie. The Big Agenda. The Flying Imams story is nothing but a ploy to extort even more money from the US. And if they can’t get it in the form of humanitarian aid, they’ll get it through lawsuits. Just another form of jizya, folks. However, this one was deliberately planned.

[Madhi] Bray’s initial statement about the incident had an all-American, see-you-in-court ring. He demanded “large financial compensation for the imams,” adding, “We want US Airways and any other airline displaying this type of behavior against Muslims to be hit where it hurts, the pocketbook.”

While one angle is reported in the American media, Middle Eastern media reports a completely different agenda…

But the report on the Iranian website, which has appeared on a variety of Muslim websites worldwide, had a larger primary focus. After the imams incident, it quoted Bray as saying Muslims want “new, broad-sweeping legislation that will extract even larger financial and civil penalties for any airline that participates in racial and religious profiling.”

The report is optimistic that Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, will lend his support to new legislation. Ellison, it says, has expressed his opposition to “such racial and religious profiling.” Ellison, through a spokesman, declined to comment.

So that’s it….now they want to influence our legislative process….

The End of Racial Profiling Act has languished until now. What did it need to reinvigorate it? New congressional leadership, and that’s coming in January. But it needed something else in this media age: a high-profile incident to jump-start it.

What better than the media circus at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Nov. 20?

And look at (delinked) the timing of it….right before the hajj. CAIR is even distributing directions on how to harass airline employees, with aims for high settlements. More jizya. And see, there’s that agenda word again.

I definitely smell a rat here. A big, fat smelly rat. The Anchoress is tired of all the whining and pouting – so am I. Just take a look at the other “high-profile” incidents that have “happened” this past year. See a pattern? I sure do… Ed Morrissey has more...

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