Grinch-i-ness … UPDATED

If some TV yahoo can invent a word, so can I ….. Grinchiness.

As in….

Example #1: Cynthia McKinney’s parting shot. This woman’s level of cluelessness is at the galactical level. It is the President’s fault she lost her district? No. Is it the Vice-President’s fault she lost her district? No. Is it Rummy’s fault she lost her district. No. But that doesn’t stop her from one last desperate attempt to blame someone else for her idiocy. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, honey. Go home. Or better yet, go away.

Example #2: Theives follow man to church to steal his Christmas purchase. Let’s do the math…Buckhead to Douglas County is about 30 miles. I guess that’s not to far to drive to STEAL something, is it?

Example #3: Gov. Sonny Purdue, safely reelected, now floats the idea of cutting benefits for state retirees, including retired teachers. Or raising their rates. Or both. Hmmm…..pardon the expression, but that’s rich. While it may not happen (I personally think the teacher’s lobby will squash it), just the fact he mentions it all the while he’s pushing for higher education standards in the state is a bit hypocritical to me. No wonder Georgia has trouble attracting and retaining teachers. The pay is lower, the benefits are less, the paperwork is enormous, the classrooms are overcrowded and you always have to fear that some politician will pull the rug out from under you after you retire.

Example #4: A few weeks ago, I groused about being awakened by Christmas music before Thanksgiving had even rolled around. Well, now, there is a truly Grinchy twist….the same station was suddenly revamped with a Country Music format on Monday, 12/18. So imagine…being awakened by blaring COUNTRY MUSIC the week before Christmas. According to the website of the morning guys, it was sudden and now they are all out of a job. According to this Radio-Info board, it was moderately advertised on billboards mostly outside the Atlanta area. Atlanta is already saturated with Country stations, why do we need yet another? You can address your displeasure to Clear Channel here and email the Radio contact Sanda Coyle at

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