Ding, Dong, Saddam is Dead

I’ve been cleaning out closets, totin’ stuff to Goodwill, reorganizing my kitchen, wading through the Christmas living room aftermath and working the year-end shred-a-thon, so I haven’t even listened or read any news the last few days. So I missed hearing about the deaths of James Brown, President Gerald Ford and Saddam the Fiend.

Like The Anchoress, I have always had mixed feelings about executions. That being said, Saddam’s execution is his final answer. Yes, Saddam, you do have to pay for the sins you’ve committed. Yes, Saddam, you do have to answer to your god of violence for slaughtering innocents. Yes, Saddam, you do get to join your sons in hell. No virgins for you, buddy-roh. Now you’re just a tiny pebble at the bottom of the pool of people you massacred.

Only time and history will tell if the removal of this man will parallel the removal of another mustachioed dictator.

UPDATE: Dearborn MI has the largest population of Iraqis in the US. And man, are they HAPPY! Be sure and follow all the The Anchoress’ links – she’s got it all covered.

UPDATE II: Siggy posts on this very same subject, with deep and thoughful writing. He, too, muses about little Adolph, and all the “what if’s” that go with the death of any iconic figure (evil or not).

Saddam was no more a common criminal than was Adolph Hitler. Saddam, like Hitler, was the embodiment of evil. His crimes were not committed out of some self serving need or moment of passion. The evil and genocide were a direct extension of the evil and hate he espoused, promulgated and implemented. Evil isn’t a crime and evil isn’t self serving. Evil, is by definition the real multicultural truth: the intent and destiny of evil is to destroy all morality and all culture and all society, everywhere. Support or turn a blind eye to evil in one place and the virus will spread.

[…] Denial in the Arab world and on the left runs deep. In the crisp, cold light of reality, it is clear that neither the west nor Israel humiliated Arab world, notwithstanding the desperate desire of the left and Arab world for that to be true. In fact, it was and remains the inability of the Arabs to rid itself of tyrants like Saddam that continues to humiliate the Arab world.

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  1. SC&A said,

    December 30, 2006 at 2:24 pm

    I too, noted the solemness of what imposing the death sentence on Saddam real means.

    “Death, even for those most evil, is a sobering and meaningful event. Death is not ever to be administered lightly, even when we rid ourselves of evil. Nevertheless we are obligated to remove evil from our midst. We are obligated to rid ourselves of the virus that will kill us all. That is part of our bargain with God and part of the bargain we have with each other. That kind of Justice does not only serve God’s laws and Dominion- that kind of Justice serves us even more.”


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