Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars

Obi corresponded today, inquiring what black hole I’d fallen into, or if I’d been eaten by a Bantha, since I hadn’t posted in a few days. My reply of “Work Can Be So Inconvenient” didn’t garner much sympathy. The Day Job has definitely sucked up alot of bandwidth these last few days. Evidently, I’m becoming viewed as a person in the “major fixer” strata, because I’m getting more and more of these pesky obtuse project assignments. I guess that’s a good thing…

“Californy is the place you ought to be”.

There are many, many things on my mind today, but first to the subject that will dominate my supper table this evening. Becks and Posh are moving to LA. Like moths to a flame. I’d hazard a guess that most of LA probably prefers Latin American futbol, and will have only seen a few of Beckham’s famous “bends” during the last World Cup. A quick subscription to Fox Soccer and an all-night bender (haha – get it?!?) of watching Sky Sports (with those analysts with the big knot ties – again, Obi, I believe they are trying to compensate for something….like those mid-life crisis guys with the red sports cars…perhaps Siggy could weigh in on neurotic behaviours of sports announcers…) should be a good homework assignment for anyone desiring a course in Beckham 101. Nevertheless, he and Posh will be treated like rock star royalty, before he ever even steps on a Left Coast pitch.

American fixation on celebrity borders on a compulsive disorder. It’s even surpassed the British mania for royals. While Iraq burns by it’s own hand and Iran yearns to nuke neighbors far and wide, our papers will be splashed with headlines of every detail of the Beckham’s move stateside, of Rosie-vs-Donald-vs-BabaWaWa, of Politicans who are Actors and Actors who are Politicians, you name it, we got it. Never mind that the Dems are already backing off of positions they supported previously (I previously posted on their gyrations on the Twister mat). If they are soooooo anti-Bush, against anything he does, literally ANYTHING he does, it would certainly explain why they are all so full of s*$%; it’s because they never use the restroom, because it’s something that Bush does, and we certainly can’t be doing anything he does, now can we? Constipation can cloud anyone’s judgement, regardless of their political affilation.

Take Putin, for example. Evidently he needs a good dose of Midol and an appointment with the heating pad. Chavez is putting his Red Dress on (sung to the tune of “Roxanne”). The Judenrat has returned, but this time in a power suit. And don’t even get me started on that Iranian fella that talks to some ghost in his closet.

(delinked) Poor Jimmah can’t seem to find any good help these days. I’m glad someone (or a group of someones) finally grew a pair and stood up to the socialist blatherings dished up in that elderly drawl. A least there is a small glimmer of hope down South.

Siggy, shrink to the stars and always spot on in his analysis of worldly events, pens an excellent post that should be required reading – Three Minutes to Midnight. We’ve been here before, seems to me we should have learned something. In the Islamic way of thinking, “different opinion” appears to trump “historical truth”.

We can no more be ‘tolerant’ of holocaust denial than we can be ‘tolerant’ of mathematical mistruths. The attempt to recast the truth of the Holocaust is a despicable attempt at rewriting history- and an even more despicable attempt to somehow imply that Jews somehow orchestrated the death of millions. While the Islamic world might wish to rewrite it’s own history of the slaughter of it’s own, as if they could hide the death and destruction of millions, they cannot rewrite the history of the west. That their allies in the endeavor are racists and bigots, only goes to prove the old adage, ‘You’re known by the company you keep.’

Further, when that ‘opinion’ is used to denigrate an entire people, and incite even more hatred, civilized people have an obligation to deal with that evil (yes, that’s what it is, evil) as quickly and as clearly as possible. That the Arab world has remained silent on Ahmendinejad’s remarks has served two very useful purposes. First, the Arab world thunderous silence only serves to highlight the reality that Holocaust denial and revisionism are everyday fare in the Arab world. There are now clearer distinctions between Arab and western civilizations. No longer can differences be attributed to differing political ideologies. Second, Ahmendinejad’s remarks have served to bring together the US and Europe in a common understanding.

Well said. And that common understanding is along the line of what ol’ Teddy said (correct me if I’m wrong):

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

That big stick is gonna get you boys and how. But I digress, shouting out the windows in my frustration.


All I want, really, is good music and good friends and to be able to see my grandchildren. I DON’T want to be (delinked) Granny in a burqa, sittin’ on the back of Jed’s truck on my way to prayers. Nope Nope Nope, Not for Me.

Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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