Alas, Jack, Who Made Thee?

We all know after our exhaustive education by Lestat, that vampires are made by other vampires.

So, Jack, who gave you the dark kiss? Was it yet another secret you were keeping from us? Or is it a little something you picked up while vacationing in Chinese Torture Town? One item from column A; two from column B; thanks, and hold the MSG. Maybe that’s why he can never die….

Blogs4Bauer has a Kill Counter. As of last night’s 2 episodes, Jack’s score is 6.

Personal fave, Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir from DS9) is a major player. And like a fine wine, he is aging marvelously. While he’s still on a little on the skinny side for me, he’s still a treat for the eyes.

Jack is unraveling, possibly finally feeling a little post-traumatic stress, so the body count will definitely go up.

8 and a half hours until the next dose of Jack.

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