Komrade Hillary Jumps In

CommonFolkUsingCommonSense calls a spade a spade.

Why did Hillary Clinton announce the start of her presidential campaign without fanfare or build-up? Why did she make the announcement on a Saturday morning, the least news-worthy time of the week? Why did she do it at such short notice that she would not appear on the Sunday morning politics chatshows such as Meet The Press that abound on US television? And why would she do it three days before the president’s annual State of the Union address, which will inevitably hog the news pages and bulletins between now and the middle of next week?

The most obvious answer is: panic. Since Barack Obama made his announcement last week, the Clinton camp must have felt a slippage in support, in terms of money and talent, that led it to announce the formation of her exploratory committee so abruptly. The Washington Post’s front page article put a positive gloss on the timing by saying: “Her announcement was deliberately timed to come shortly before President Bush’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, campaign advisers said, so she can draw a contrast with the administration’s record and help focus attention on the office of the presidency.”


The Clinton Camp has been watching Obama’s poll numbers and they’re scared, possibly for the first time in years, that Hillary cannot command the Presidential spotlight.

Plus she appears to have lost funding by George Soros and Obama is stealing her star power (read even more funding) from Hollywood.

Awwwww, poor Hillary. Grabby husband that’s sure to be a liability one way or the other, only $14 mil in the war chest, cameras pointing away from her. And she even forgot (?) to include a flag in the background of her “annoucement” video. No flag? What’s up with that? Surely it’s not any anti-American sentiment, is it? Sean Hannity had an interesting comment this afternoon on my drive home. Now granted, I haven’t watched the video since I cannot stomach the sight of her, but Sean said the leaves on the trees outside the window in the video didn’t match the current season. It could have been filmed in a studio with a stock window scene, but I doubt Hillary would go for somethat that bourgeois. Or it was filmed in the fall, which would make her an out-and-out liar. In the fall, her positions were very different. But that’s never bothered her before.

UPDATE: Fausta has an excellent post that outlines pretty much how I feel about Hillary. She, like Pelosi, has no problem prostituting her progeny, if it means she’ll be elected to the office she so desires.

Hillary is using the children to hide the naked viciousness that lies underneath the Botox and soft-focus “conversation”.

The Corner (linked in Fausta’s post above) says in The Personals of Political Destruction

I’m not unsympathetic to the premise of Ron Rosenbaum’s argument — that, compared to the happy-face banality of John Edwards’ and Barack Obama’s public personas, there’s something rather appealing about Hillary Clinton’s naked viciousness. And, indeed, after Elizabeth Edwards remarked that Hillary’s life was less “joyful” than hers, it was hard not to warm to a woman so determined to confirm her joylessness that she’s prepared to have genial Mrs Edwards kneecapped in a dark alley and forced into an abject apology.

Nothing will get in her way.

The Earth Moves

Well, well, well, we all can guess what this is…..

Yesterday evening, 5:25pm local time, a massive noise followed by an earthquake-like vibration caused a blackout in a part of Mashhad, capital city of Khorasan Province. Official sources talk about a 3.5-Richter earthquake….

Pair this with other reports of explosions in the vacinity and mysterious UFO sightings and whatyagot?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

And they won’t let IAEA inspectors into the country to verify they aren’t up to some monkey business. [End Update]

Dr. Sanity illustrates what “real” global warming is all about. None of this fake Weather Channel PC mess. It is really hot. And will crack the earth. Wherever it lands. Killing everyone within 10 or so miles and irradiating millions.

Siggy weighs in on the same subject.

The perfect storm is emerging. Survivors and witnesses to the Holocaust are dying off. Soon they will all be gone and then the Holocaust deniers will be free and unencumbered. Those who deny the Holocaust will be free to implement another plan to eradicate Jews from the face of the earth. In their drunken dysfunction they say. ‘It is the Jews we want. We really didn’t mean what we said about western democracies and other religions. It really is just the Jews that we want.’

‘Let us exterminate them and we’ll leave you alone.’ Is it any wonder Mein Kampf is a perennial bestseller in the Arab world?

And now The Hillary Avalanche begins. Good Lord, get out your flak helmuts. As Newsbusters states

Even among Democratic candidates, Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy has received a disproportional amount of coverage. A look back over the last month reveals no such excitement from CBS’s “Early Show” when other Democratic candidates have entered the race. On January 17, the day after Senator Barack Obama announced he was establishing an exploratory committee, the “Early Show” dedicated a full story to him, but the coverage was tempered as they also interviewed Senator Clinton on the program. And on December 28, 2006 when former Senator John Edwards joined the presidential race, he appeared on the air, but Harry Smith still questioned him about the dominance of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Democratic polls. Other announced candidates in the Democratic field such as Senators Christopher Dodd and Joe Biden, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, or former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, have been given no coverage of their intentions by CBS’s morning program.

Republicans have fared worse. When Republican candidates have declared their intentions to either form an exploratory committee or even to forego that stage and announce that they are candidates for president, these events have not been covered by “The Early Show.” And while some Republican candidates are discussed during segments pertaining to the 2008 presidential campaign as a whole, not one has been the primary subject of a campaign story.

Given the amount of coverage CBS and other news outlets have provided to Senator Clinton at the expense of other candidates, it is correct to assume no candidate will steal her thunder anytime soon. But if it weren’t for the coverage of the media, would Mrs. Clinton have any “thunder” at all.

I wonder if any of those in favor of campaign reform can make the connection between all the “free” publicity Hillary has been handed by the media outlets over the last few months and the resulting “perceived” lead right out of the chute over the rest of the Democratic pack. Doubt it. Probably a middle-schooler who’d just finished pre-algebra might catch the linear and reciprocal relationships formed by this unholy union, but no newsperson with an agenda to meet or an ego to feed will blink an eye at it. After all, they are the ones who decide what’s fit to print, right?

Right after her annoucement, Hannah Storm of the “Early Show” commented to Howard Wolfson (Hillary’s top advisor) on how Hillary can “polarize” issues and people (same NewsBusters link above).

Polarize. Yep Yep Yep. That’s a FINE adjective to hang on Hillary. Perhaps she can go visit a place with no magnetic field at all. She should feel right at home there.

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