Vick Common Sense – Pro Football Oxymoron of the Day

Troy Johnson down in Columbus sure gets it right.

The Atlanta Falcons should now consider a course of action that had previously been inconceivable to them.

They should dangle quarterback Michael Vick as trade bait and try to talk the Oakland Raiders into offering their No. 1 pick in return for the promise of what could be if his arm, legs and brain ever decide to work in harmony on a consistent basis.

Thuggery and gansta posings does not win ball games. Or win friends in the front office – you know – the guys who pay your outrageous salary.

The problem, of course, is that it [Vick’s behavior] has become a trend. Moreover, he has yet to act as if he cares.

Unruly children get time-out. High schoolers get ISS. What to do about Vick? Fines don’t seem to faze him, since they are only a drop in his bucket. He flips off the fans who criticize him.

In November, Vick was fined $10,000 and ordered to donate another $10,000 to charity after directing an obscene gesture toward the Georgia Dome crowd. Before the season, he settled a lawsuit filed by an Atlanta woman who claimed he gave her a sexually transmitted disease.

Arthur Blank is a very shrewd businessman. Not everyone makes it to the bazillion dollar club. And he deserves more bang for his buck. When he bought the Falcons, he made it clear he wanted the franchinse to be the best and they will never acheive that with the Vick albatross dangling around their neck like some gangsta bling.

A new head coach is in perfect position to set a new tone, to change direction.

In the past, when Vick received criticism, his defenders claimed the Falcons wouldn’t win a Super Bowl without him.

Suddenly, it looks as if they’ll have less of a chance to win one with him.

I think Vick will look mighty fine in an Oakland jersey.

UPDATE: FreeRepublic has some amusing comments. I especially like the one about pairing him with Terrell Owens. Now that would be fun to watch!

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