If Music be the Food of Love

Sing on, sing on,
Sing on till I am filled with joy;

Another glorious and all-to-short All-State Chorus weekend. The wee Highlander made us proud!

But the music…..ooohhhhh…..the music. Choral music, when done well, lifts the soul like nothing else. When we left I felt like I was flying through the sky, sprouting flowers and stars; the sounds vibrating out of every pore! So alive, music is its own being.


I am exhausted. Blogging will be even more lighter than usual – I’ll be attending a training class right smack dab in the middle of this town’s worse traffic.

I wonder if I could still fly….?

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Knowwhatimean?

Honestly, I don’t make this stuff up.

Muslim cleric proposes chastity belts to stop rape (H/T Fausta). Really.

Abu Hassan Al-Hafiz, an influential cleric said: ‘My intention is not to offend women but to safeguard them from sex maniacs. Besides, husbands could also feel more secure, if you know what I mean.’

Yeah, I know what you mean. After all, we can’t have sex fiends running about with their tool in their hand waiting for the first available place to park it, can we? But wait, the sex fiends are the Muslim men! THEY are the ones would cannot control their urges around women, children, small animals and even senior citizens. After all, females in general are just “uncovered meat” to these animals.

What’s next? Will they by trotted down the next batch of couture runways as the latest in appropriately multi-cultural-sensitive undergarments? Oh, Puuuh-leeze. Robert Spencer calls it “Sharia Chic”.

The Apostate relates in this post just a little of the fear that accompanies Muslim women everywhere. It’s condoned/expected/praised. I’ve ranted about that a’plenty. All you have to do is type “muslim women” in the Search box over there, and you’ll get bunches of posts. Imagine entire generations of little girls who can see a molester at a hundred paces. Imagine the culture of misogynists that breeds this type of violent debasement.

Add The Apostate to your prayer list – that she continues to find America a haven and remains safe from harm.

Carnival of Bauer

Carnival of Bauer

Be sure to check out this week’s Carnival of Bauer, hosted this week by Riding with Ricky.

Hillary Joke of the Day

Via Obi…..

One sunny day in *2009*, an old man approached the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, where he’d been sitting on a park bench. He spoke to the Marine standing guard and said, “I would like to go in and meet with President Hillary Clinton.”

The Marine replied, “Sir, Mrs. Clinton is not President and doesn’t reside here.”

The old man said, “Okay,” and walked away.

The following day, the same man approached the White House and said to the same Marine, “I would like to go in and meet with President Hillary Clinton”. The Marine again told the man, “Sir, as I said yesterday, Mrs. Clinton is not President and doesn’t reside here.”

The man thanked him and again walked away . . .

The third day, the same man approached the White House and spoke to the very same Marine, saying “I would like to go in and meet with President Hillary Clinton.”

The Marine, understandably agitated at this point, looked at the man and said, “Sir, this is the third day in a row you have been here asking to speak to Mrs. Clinton. I’ve told you already several times that Mrs. Clinton is not the President and doesn’t reside here. Don’t you understand?”

The old man answered, “Oh, I understand you fine, I just love hearing your answer!”

The Marine snapped to attention, saluted, and said, “See you tomorrow.”

Please, God, let this come to pass!

V-Day Hysterics

The Anchoress has been in rare form the last two days. If you don’t read anything else, read these: her take on Marcotte, et al and Gimme a V! V!. And while you’re comtemplating your girly-bits or those of your neighbors, check out what Fausta has to say about it all.

Just hand over the chocolates, buddy, and nobody will get hurt.

Darth Bauer

Farmer Hoggett, he ain’t.

The only fun part of my day-long appointment with the powder room was getting caught up on my taped episodes of 24. No wonder Jack has so much suppressed rage. Just look at the pater familias.

Maaaannnn, he kills his son and blames CTU/Jack for the death. He kidnaps his own grandson and then threatens his daughter-in-law with the well-being of her boy. Then he tries to kill both her and Jack with a bomb. Then the evil Russian everyone at CTU is looking for turns out to be none other than the dishy French planter Emile from South Pacific. Today must be Opposite Day on 24!

But back to ol’ Daddy-O. What a piece of work! From pig farmer to major bad old dude. But Mr. Darkest of the Dark Bauer – I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind.

1. Exactly what kind of business is the family company in anyway?
2. Why did Jack not want to work for you?
3. Why does Paul McCrane insist on playing weasels? All the time? Sorry, I didn’t care for him as Leonard Betts, the cancer-eating creepoid on the X Files that had a taste for Sculley’s brain. Or as Dr. Romano, mister-major-a$$-hole-who- thinks-he’s-in-charge on ER. On both those shows he died badly as well.
4. Sorry, I digress. Don’t you think Josh looks alot like Kim?
5. Are there any Bauer sisters? Have any of them made appearances on CSI as Lady Heather?
6. Where’s Granny Bauer? Should we check in the basement or the backyard of Castle Bauer with cadaver dogs? Or the freezer, maybe?

I can see it now….in hour 11….Daddy Bauer dons The Helmet and says (sqssh, sqssh) “Joooosh, Jaaack is your faaahhhther”. (sqssh, sqssh)

Flu You

The icky stomach flu is making an unwanted visit. Ick Ick Ick. So obviously, blogging will be even lighter than usual.

Be sure to check out this week’s Carnival of the Insanities. Your’s truly made it in!

I haven’t said much about the Marcotte-Potty-Mouth thing, because, well frankly, it’s pretty obvious. John Edwards doesn’t REALLY read blogs, he just pretends to. In his ginormous house. (Sorry.) Being a man of such wealth and power, well obviously, he PAYS someone to do these things for him. He PAYS people to give him advice (whether it’s good or bad…who knows?!). So some wanker staff person suggested “Why don’t we hire a blogger person – to reach out to that audience?” Some names were thrown out and someone’s favorite got picked. Was she ever checked out? I think so, in that lame liberal way….Do you think like we do? Do you look like we do? Do you smell like we do? Have we sniffed each other butts enough? Fine….sign on the dotted line! I guess he also PAYS someone to go to the church of his choice for him since he wasn’t aware of the foul-mouthed anti-religious comments she’d posted and then tried to delete. Yes, I know it’s free country. But just, just, there simply are things that shouldn’t be said in polite company. Writing such things on a blog – visible to everyone (not the folks sitting around in your parlor, aghast at your rancor) – shows with whom her loyalties lie. Or as the Anchoress puts so well, “Their writing says much more about their creed than it does about mine.” So in giving John Edwards the benefit of the doubt that his top-secret-alien-lobotomy-that-didn’t-mess-up-his-hair cannot be the reason for such a lapse in judgment, you can easily blame this bozo move on his staff. As Fausta asks

My question is, how could a lawyer, who has made millions out of using the right words to his intended audience (the jurors), not know this would matter?

Two Americas, indeed. We know exactly WHICH America John Edwards belongs to.

A moron of a different sort attacks Elie Wiesel, 81 year old Holocaust survivor. Ron Rosenbaum says

But it’s a metaphor too. For the way Holocaust denial is being used to pave the way to a second Holocaust by delegitimizing the first, and demonizing Jews as liars. A metaphor for the way that the insidious evil of Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial conference, however much ridiculed and condemned by the world, empowered certain vicious morons. This particular one had the only the courage to attack an 81 year old man. But there is an entire nation armed with weapons of genocidal power, indeed more than one where Holocaust denial is regarded as a legitimate position—and a reason to wipe the Jewish state off the map and “leave nothing on the ground”.

The fate of Israel is the fate of the world. We will never forget.

Frozen Southerners – Who’s to Blame?

Has Al Gore snuck in a trip down here?

People in the South, you know the ones born here (not the ones that moved here), don’t like the cold. It puts us in a blue funk. Today I feel my toes are the color of Mr. Freeze. A cold day here and a cold day there are ok and can be well tolerated provided we don’t have to spend the majority of the day at some outdoor event. Pile on the fleece and double the socks. But weeks of highs in the 30’s and 40’s is downright depressing. Usually the only people who own copious amounts of wool clothing are those who dragged it with them when moved here, hoping to escape the arctic blasts and the lake effect snow machine with no Off Button. In general wool is too hot, even in the coldest of Southern days. It’s scratchy, too. And if you say it might be my hormones, well then, I’ll just whack you upside the head with a nine-iron and put you in my trunk and we’ll take a little ride down to the Hooch. Don’t even go there.

Even my daffodils, partially bloomed and freeze-dried, look at me so sadly when I push out the spoiled-rotten dog who himself doesn’t even like the cold. It’s a sad, sad cry for help. Just another Eeyore day……Wait…..I know what we can do…we can play the POLITICAL BLAME-GAME! What glorious fun we will have!!!! Here are the rules (“suggestions” – if you are a Power Player):

1000 points per attack
limitless weaponry/ammo
no time limit

1. Make full use of all media resources at your disposal. Bonus levels can be achieved if your attack is carried over multiple network/cable broadcasts and/or linked via alternative media such as blogs. 100,000 bonus points if your attack is listed as a DrudgeReport Flashing Light Alert.
2. Flipflop your stand on any/all issues at random intervals. The more confused the reporting media becomes, the more publicity you get. 5000 points per direction change. 10000 points for hypocrisy.
3. Attacks should be blantantly partisan.
4. Combo-moves (multiple attacks) can be strung together in feature film format for greater impact. If the combo-move results in any award nomination, the player will earn 250,000 bonus points and the secret key to the top-secret bonus level.
5. Attacks should include endorsements by celebrities, whenever possible.
6. Appear rational, when really you are not.
7. Secretly use the very same objects (private jets, SUVs, gas grills, farting cows, etc.) you decry as pollution machines for your own personal enjoyment. After all, this game is really about you, and what you really want, not about any wuss environmental issues.
8. Flipflop your stand on any/all issues at random intervals. The more confused the reporting media becomes, the more publicity you get. 5000 points per direction change. 10000 points for blatant hypocrisy.
9. Deleting previous material/comments/positions is allowed (see rule #8). Protection of any territorial gains is paramount, regardless of the collateral damage. Denial is everything.
10. Obscure facts whenever possible.
11. Refuse public debates if you cannot control the content.

1. Players cannot blame themselves. Since all players are politically motived or are politicians/narcisstic celebrities themselves, they can do no wrong.
2. Players cannot use common sense in their blame attacks. Any argument that resembles common sense will result in removal from the game for 5 minutes. All penalties will be served in a sound-proof penalty box in direct line-of-sight of a network studio set.
3. Don’t be caught publicly using the same objects you denouce. -10000 points per incident.
4. Don’t be caught making your own rules. If you are, see rule #8, #9 & #10.

Got it?

Ready…..Set…..Wait! You can’t go yet! That’s cheating! Wait! Wait! Oh, now…dammit!

UPDATE: Alexandria sees the same finger-pointing Olympics going on. Joe Liberman’s question brings us to to ask…

So, are we really witnessing a ‘political fight over here’?

I think not. We are much more treated to front-row seats in an unfolding blame-game of epic proportions.

Al Gore Sighted in ND

This just in!

Al Gore was sighted in North Dakota wielding a snow machine. With drool frozen on his new stylish goatee, he was heard mumbling, “Global warming is what makes it so cold. Global warming is what makes it so cold. Global warming is what makes it so cold.”

Click your heels three times….

Previously on Obi’s Sister: Al Gore, WeatherMaker

The Mosque Next Door

In the vein of my previous post, certain world events of late take on a completely new meaning. I’ve talked about this before.

In London, plans for Britain’s largest mosque are being unveiled to some decidedly mixed reviews. Via CBN (follow the PJM links),

Today, a neglected piece of real estate on London’s east end sees little more than commuter trains rumbling past it. But it’s the future location of what some say will be the biggest Islamic in-road into Christendom in 400 years: a gigantic mosque complex, the likes of which the West has never seen.

How better to overrun the infidels, than with a mega-bomb factory just over the river? Funded by the Saudi’s; backed by the friendly playgroup Tablighi Jamaat.

The FBI says that Tablighi Jamaat has ties to al-Qaeda. The shoe bomber, Richard Reid, was associated with Tablighi Jamaat, as were two of the 7/7 bombers who struck London’s public transportation system in 2005.

Britain’s left are as equally deluded as their counterparts stateside. Appeasing radical Muslims will never, ever satisfy them. Their religion is a death cult (Warning: GRAPHIC), and they will not rest until either they take over the world or the world just throws in the towel. Fausta notes in It Takes More Than a Village that those of us in the West tend to think of our children as our salvation. We work, we scrimp, we drive forever, we sacrifice so they can go to college, we pray over them constantly. But in radical Islam, children are merely another bomb delivery device.

In England, there have been two letter bombs in two days. Authorities still won’t call it for what it is. “Police said they were aware of the incident in London but said it was “too soon” to speculate on a connection.” They are so afraid of the T word or the M word.

“Red” Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, is a gracious enabler to the terrorists in his own backyard. I wonder if one day, he’ll be so eager to appease the very same populace that wants him and every other infidel in sight dead. Far left and exceptionally liberal, he’s one of Hillary’s many bedfellows.

Hillary, by the way, showed her Socialist claws the other day. But that’s a subject for a different day. Today’s worry is a different kind of terrorism. They have different fists. Full of bombs. Fausta has the best picture & caption:

The future Nagger in Chief raises her fists in her characteristic anger and yells at you what she knows will be best for you

But back to task. They don’t care about anything but our deaths. And don’t forget their 72 virgins. The finest death porn money can buy. In Gagdad Bob’s words, they lack a moral compass.

The link between radical Islam and (delinked) Nazism has been well-documented. Two evils do not make a good. In fact, they combine to make a black hole the likes of which only the Evil one can fathom. In the meantime, the nuke builders in Iran give the world the finger. Another flavor of “kill the infidels wherever you find them.”

Neo-neocon has an excellent post on evil/hatred/forgiveness. Read the whole thing.

Both Judaism and Christianity share the “hate the sin but not the sinner” maxim, which originates in a respect for all human life, and the need to keep open the possibility of repentance (take a look at the linked article for a fuller discussion). But Judaism seems to make more allowance than certain strains of Christianity for a vigorous emotional response one might call “hate” towards a person who has moved beyond “ordinary” criminal acts and into the realm of mass murder and power and true evil: a Hitler, a Stalin, a Bin Laden (who, granted, does not rival the first two in terms of numbers, but nevertheless follows the same nihilistic impulses). It is especially appropriate for an unrepetant evildoer.

We can call the emotional response to such acts “hatred,” which has earned a bad rep lately. Or we could rename it “outrage,” which might make it more acceptable. Although such an emotion is not the same as “love” for the sinner, it does, in a seeming paradox, stem from love: love for humanity, the need to be “kind to the kind” by not being “kind to the cruel.”

The Anchoress, trying very hard to keep her head above the spin cycle, wisely notes

Everyone needs to grow up, and fast, or we’re all in one hell of a lot of trouble.

Never in a million years would I have thought our children, our salvation, would have inherited this mess.

UPDATE: Siggy wrote on this exact same subject yesterday. He articulates it all sooooo wellllll…

Many on the left believe their agenda is driven by a piety that only they, in their heightened awareness, are capable of. Their motives are pure, they say. Disagree with them and you are evil. They are true believers, and as such, they are entitled to make decisions for others, on behalf of others and despite others. They love their fellow man, they say. They hate injustice, they say. They are true believers in the highest calling of mankind.

Well, the Nazis were true believers, too. There were communists that were true believers and they have the blood of 50 million people on their hands. The North Vietnamese killed 2-3 million after we left Vietnam. Castro and Che slaughtered hundreds of thousands between them. African communists have shed the blood of millions.

All of the aforementioned were true believers. All of them believed they were serving the best interests of mankind.

Being a ‘true believer’ is no mark or guarantee of moral or ethical superiority.

That applies to all ‘true believers’ of every political, religious or ethical stripe. When you are not open to new ideas, thoughts or challenges, you are no better than ther legions of evil ‘true believers’ that preceded you. This latest crop of ‘true believers’ are intellectual pygmies, the ‘useful idiots’ and apparatchiks of our time, afraid of debate and most of all, afraid of accountability.

They are the true enablers of evil. They deliberately choose blindness and deafness, so as to affirm their ‘righteousness.’ They see themselves as charged with a mission- to blind and render deaf others, so that their status might be validated. Without their distortions,evil would be held to account. Instead, evil is allowed to flourish.

They are no more than the fertilizer for evil, violence and death.

The Islamic Mein Kampf (if you can stomach it)

Today I added a link to the Terrorism Awareness Project, another site organized by David Horowitz. There you will find a chilling presentation, The Islamic Mein Kampf.

As Jeremayakovka puts it:

They will come for you.

This generation, it won’t be a knock on the door or a round up at the train station. Instead it’ll be a dirty nuke or a poisoned water supply or more hijacked airplanes or missiles over Tel Aviv.

My education of all things Islamic continues with a greater sense of urgency…

Decorum, Schmorum

Some days, I wonder if the Founding Fathers are twirling like tempests in their graves.

Congress is taking the usual high road when it comes to ethics and decorum. You’d think, with Ms. McKinney out and back in Atlanta, the bad manners pool would not be quite so deep. But now, over and above the usual baloney that we hear about, we have this lovely story. (And according to the red font at the top of the article, it appears she’s not the only representative to be mistreated (Teaser – News at Eleven!)).

Rep. Loretta Sanchez has quit the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, accusing the chairman, Rep. Joe Baca, of telling people she’s a “whore.”

We all know how Hillary treats people and have come to expect such haughty behavior. But remember now, she’s the self-appointed queen of the galaxy. But this is a small caucus. Small enough that everyone should know everyone else and be able to work toward mutual goals. Instead of being an efficient and tight-knit machine, it is infected with the evil poison of DC. But there’s nary a peep out of the MSM, mainly because the one doing the name calling is a Democrat!

It is the same kind of poison that threatens children. What kind of sick people are out there, that think it’s ok to attack a child? Even an unborn one?

In a similar and equally brainless vein, the Washington Post has evidently fired all its editors, because an unbelievably vile piece by William Arkin made it through the filter.

…just an ugly reminder of the price we pay for a mercenary – oops sorry, volunteer – force that thinks it is doing the dirty work.

Excuse me, but did you say “mercenary”? Here’s your mercenary, sport. And I’d realllllly like to watch Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive deliver it. Michelle has more.

Al Gore, snotty elitist graduate of the hallowed halls of government, personal weathermaker to the stars and inventor of the Internet, is positioning himself for a run in 2008 (you just wait, it will happen) by getting himself nominated for BOTH an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize for his windbag movie on bad science. Penn prof, Robert Giegengack debunks the movie and all the hysterical sky-is-falling theories in his Environmental Analysis class.

For decades, Giegengack was content to be a relatively obscure geologist who taught more than he published. Recently, though, he’s stepped into the swirling tempest surrounding global warming, in part because he says it’s not even one of the top 10 environmental problems we face. To make that point, he occasionally joins in a panel discussion, or gives a quote to a science writer. He’s thinking about writing something for one of the smarty-pants magazines. “I’ve always been interested in this question,” he says, “but when I first started working, no one cared — you couldn’t get an article published if you wanted to.” Now, though, “The public appetite for all this crap seems to be insatiable.”

[…]“What I’m going to try to do the rest of today and also probably on Tuesday is bring you up to date on this. I’ll try to avoid editorializing or politicking. I’ll just tell you some stuff. Give you information. There’s lot’s of stuff, and it’s very complicated.”

Gieg gazes upward toward his young charges. “Every single one of you knows more about this than Al Gore,” he tells the undergrads. “And vastly more than anyone in this present administration.”

[…] There’s no way to watch An Inconvenient Truth without getting worried — at least a little worried.

Not Bob Giegengack. He has described Al Gore’s documentary as “a political statement timed to present him as a presidential candidate in 2008.” And he added, “The glossy production is replete with inaccuracies and misrepresentations, and appeals to public fear as shamelessly as any other political statement that hopes to unite the public behind a particular ideology.” This from a guy who voted for Gore in 2000 and says he’d probably vote for him again.

Read the whole thing. It’s an excellent, understandable article and great ammunition to have handy when a treehugger appears out of nowhere. Imagine that, a debate framed in FACT (at least on one side). Obviously, “Gieg” is not a politician or has any desire to be such. Good man.

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