The Mosque Next Door

In the vein of my previous post, certain world events of late take on a completely new meaning. I’ve talked about this before.

In London, plans for Britain’s largest mosque are being unveiled to some decidedly mixed reviews. Via CBN (follow the PJM links),

Today, a neglected piece of real estate on London’s east end sees little more than commuter trains rumbling past it. But it’s the future location of what some say will be the biggest Islamic in-road into Christendom in 400 years: a gigantic mosque complex, the likes of which the West has never seen.

How better to overrun the infidels, than with a mega-bomb factory just over the river? Funded by the Saudi’s; backed by the friendly playgroup Tablighi Jamaat.

The FBI says that Tablighi Jamaat has ties to al-Qaeda. The shoe bomber, Richard Reid, was associated with Tablighi Jamaat, as were two of the 7/7 bombers who struck London’s public transportation system in 2005.

Britain’s left are as equally deluded as their counterparts stateside. Appeasing radical Muslims will never, ever satisfy them. Their religion is a death cult (Warning: GRAPHIC), and they will not rest until either they take over the world or the world just throws in the towel. Fausta notes in It Takes More Than a Village that those of us in the West tend to think of our children as our salvation. We work, we scrimp, we drive forever, we sacrifice so they can go to college, we pray over them constantly. But in radical Islam, children are merely another bomb delivery device.

In England, there have been two letter bombs in two days. Authorities still won’t call it for what it is. “Police said they were aware of the incident in London but said it was “too soon” to speculate on a connection.” They are so afraid of the T word or the M word.

“Red” Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, is a gracious enabler to the terrorists in his own backyard. I wonder if one day, he’ll be so eager to appease the very same populace that wants him and every other infidel in sight dead. Far left and exceptionally liberal, he’s one of Hillary’s many bedfellows.

Hillary, by the way, showed her Socialist claws the other day. But that’s a subject for a different day. Today’s worry is a different kind of terrorism. They have different fists. Full of bombs. Fausta has the best picture & caption:

The future Nagger in Chief raises her fists in her characteristic anger and yells at you what she knows will be best for you

But back to task. They don’t care about anything but our deaths. And don’t forget their 72 virgins. The finest death porn money can buy. In Gagdad Bob’s words, they lack a moral compass.

The link between radical Islam and (delinked) Nazism has been well-documented. Two evils do not make a good. In fact, they combine to make a black hole the likes of which only the Evil one can fathom. In the meantime, the nuke builders in Iran give the world the finger. Another flavor of “kill the infidels wherever you find them.”

Neo-neocon has an excellent post on evil/hatred/forgiveness. Read the whole thing.

Both Judaism and Christianity share the “hate the sin but not the sinner” maxim, which originates in a respect for all human life, and the need to keep open the possibility of repentance (take a look at the linked article for a fuller discussion). But Judaism seems to make more allowance than certain strains of Christianity for a vigorous emotional response one might call “hate” towards a person who has moved beyond “ordinary” criminal acts and into the realm of mass murder and power and true evil: a Hitler, a Stalin, a Bin Laden (who, granted, does not rival the first two in terms of numbers, but nevertheless follows the same nihilistic impulses). It is especially appropriate for an unrepetant evildoer.

We can call the emotional response to such acts “hatred,” which has earned a bad rep lately. Or we could rename it “outrage,” which might make it more acceptable. Although such an emotion is not the same as “love” for the sinner, it does, in a seeming paradox, stem from love: love for humanity, the need to be “kind to the kind” by not being “kind to the cruel.”

The Anchoress, trying very hard to keep her head above the spin cycle, wisely notes

Everyone needs to grow up, and fast, or we’re all in one hell of a lot of trouble.

Never in a million years would I have thought our children, our salvation, would have inherited this mess.

UPDATE: Siggy wrote on this exact same subject yesterday. He articulates it all sooooo wellllll…

Many on the left believe their agenda is driven by a piety that only they, in their heightened awareness, are capable of. Their motives are pure, they say. Disagree with them and you are evil. They are true believers, and as such, they are entitled to make decisions for others, on behalf of others and despite others. They love their fellow man, they say. They hate injustice, they say. They are true believers in the highest calling of mankind.

Well, the Nazis were true believers, too. There were communists that were true believers and they have the blood of 50 million people on their hands. The North Vietnamese killed 2-3 million after we left Vietnam. Castro and Che slaughtered hundreds of thousands between them. African communists have shed the blood of millions.

All of the aforementioned were true believers. All of them believed they were serving the best interests of mankind.

Being a ‘true believer’ is no mark or guarantee of moral or ethical superiority.

That applies to all ‘true believers’ of every political, religious or ethical stripe. When you are not open to new ideas, thoughts or challenges, you are no better than ther legions of evil ‘true believers’ that preceded you. This latest crop of ‘true believers’ are intellectual pygmies, the ‘useful idiots’ and apparatchiks of our time, afraid of debate and most of all, afraid of accountability.

They are the true enablers of evil. They deliberately choose blindness and deafness, so as to affirm their ‘righteousness.’ They see themselves as charged with a mission- to blind and render deaf others, so that their status might be validated. Without their distortions,evil would be held to account. Instead, evil is allowed to flourish.

They are no more than the fertilizer for evil, violence and death.


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