Flu You

The icky stomach flu is making an unwanted visit. Ick Ick Ick. So obviously, blogging will be even lighter than usual.

Be sure to check out this week’s Carnival of the Insanities. Your’s truly made it in!

I haven’t said much about the Marcotte-Potty-Mouth thing, because, well frankly, it’s pretty obvious. John Edwards doesn’t REALLY read blogs, he just pretends to. In his ginormous house. (Sorry.) Being a man of such wealth and power, well obviously, he PAYS someone to do these things for him. He PAYS people to give him advice (whether it’s good or bad…who knows?!). So some wanker staff person suggested “Why don’t we hire a blogger person – to reach out to that audience?” Some names were thrown out and someone’s favorite got picked. Was she ever checked out? I think so, in that lame liberal way….Do you think like we do? Do you look like we do? Do you smell like we do? Have we sniffed each other butts enough? Fine….sign on the dotted line! I guess he also PAYS someone to go to the church of his choice for him since he wasn’t aware of the foul-mouthed anti-religious comments she’d posted and then tried to delete. Yes, I know it’s free country. But just, just, there simply are things that shouldn’t be said in polite company. Writing such things on a blog – visible to everyone (not the folks sitting around in your parlor, aghast at your rancor) – shows with whom her loyalties lie. Or as the Anchoress puts so well, “Their writing says much more about their creed than it does about mine.” So in giving John Edwards the benefit of the doubt that his top-secret-alien-lobotomy-that-didn’t-mess-up-his-hair cannot be the reason for such a lapse in judgment, you can easily blame this bozo move on his staff. As Fausta asks

My question is, how could a lawyer, who has made millions out of using the right words to his intended audience (the jurors), not know this would matter?

Two Americas, indeed. We know exactly WHICH America John Edwards belongs to.

A moron of a different sort attacks Elie Wiesel, 81 year old Holocaust survivor. Ron Rosenbaum says

But it’s a metaphor too. For the way Holocaust denial is being used to pave the way to a second Holocaust by delegitimizing the first, and demonizing Jews as liars. A metaphor for the way that the insidious evil of Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial conference, however much ridiculed and condemned by the world, empowered certain vicious morons. This particular one had the only the courage to attack an 81 year old man. But there is an entire nation armed with weapons of genocidal power, indeed more than one where Holocaust denial is regarded as a legitimate position—and a reason to wipe the Jewish state off the map and “leave nothing on the ground”.

The fate of Israel is the fate of the world. We will never forget.

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