The Age of Ann

Fausta has an excellent post up today: an open letter to the CPAC organizers regarding the consequences of Ann Coulter’s runaway mouth. What was she thinking?!?!?

Ann Coulter used to serve the movement well. She was telegenic, intelligent, and witty. She was also fearless: saying provocative things to inspire deeper thought and cutting through the haze of competing information has its uses. But Coulter’s fearlessness has become an addiction to shock value. She draws attention to herself, rather than placing the spotlight on conservative ideas.

That sounds like something that would come out of my college-aged daugther’s mouth. “Gee, let’s see what I can say today that will really piss off Mom & Dad…” Ann, you know better. You have the education, you have the brains, you have the forum….use it. Use them all.

Coulter’s vicious word choice tells the world she care[s] little about the feelings of a large group that often feels marginalized and despised. Her word choice forces conservatives to waste time defending themselves against charges of homophobia rather than advancing conservative ideas.

Why do others have to clean up your messes? You’ve done this before, with an equally offense remark at the same conference in 2006. Why do you insist that other conservatives step into the role of “Helicopter Parents” to fix what you’ve broken? Or screwed up? I thought you had a greater mental capacity than an almost-20-year-old.

One of the points of CPAC is the opportunity it gives college students to meet other young conservatives and learn from our leaders. Unlike on their campuses – where they often feel alone – at CPAC they know they are part of a vibrant political movement. What example is set when one highlight of the conference is finding out what shocking phrase will emerge from Ann Coulter’s mouth? How can we teach young conservatives to fight for their principles with civility and respect when Ann Coulter is allowed to address the conference? Coulter’s invective is a sign of weak thinking and unprincipled politicking.

Ann, Ann, if you can’t contribute to the fight for all that is good and right about America and the freedoms she was founded on, then sit down and shut up. Or go sign up to be a backup singer for the Dixie Chicks.

The Age of Ann has passed.

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