Steak Tartare and Femme Fatales

Well, here we go again. Fausta wrote on Friday on International Women’s Day (ooopppss, missed the notice on that one!) about a Dolce & Gabbana ad that has EU feminists up in arms. Go read the entire article and comments.

First off, I wasn’t really sure what it was advertising….Hawaiian Tropic? Air Conditioning units for the double-wide? Ab-crunchers? A new barber in town, perhaps? Hmmmm…..Then I went off to Athens for the weekend and pondered the picture along with some of the posts I’d read about it.

From the very beginning, advertising has always used sex to sell. For some reason, marketeers have always thought that consumers will buy something simply because it’s marketed as sexy. Never mind – How much does it cost? Does it taste good? Will it last? Does it make my butt look big? Back when I was younger, though, it was much more subtle. Almost like an art. Nowadays, they just plop the goods on the slab and invite the ogles. Girls Gone Wild, but for pork-n-beans.
Where’s the mystery? Remember the Abercrombie & Fitch stink from “outraged” parents a few years back about the “soft-p_rn” in their catalogs? Same song, different verse. Just a higher-end audience.

(Aside: I saw a magazine ad a few months ago with D&G again, but this time for a RAZR phone. They were in some kind of casual embrace, and one had what looked like a cut on his face and the other was holding the RAZR like he’d done the cutting. Now that’s romance for you….I guess).

As Fausta said …

…the thought police are calling for more government intervention to protect us from ourselves.

[…] The ad has caused a huge controversy in Spain, France2 was scandalized into reporting on it, and now Amnesty International in Italy is asking that the ad be pulled from Italian magazines.

Think about that for a moment: millions of men, women, and children are opressed around the world, abused, enslaved, and executed, and AI/I finds time to protest an ad in a fashion magazine.

So let me get this straight, Euopeans turn a blind eye to the violent abuse suffered by women all over their continent, but they get all frothy over an ad?

Pamela at Atlas Shrugs thinks this is a metaphor. Sorta.

Fausta goes further today in her post about Palestinian honor killings, tying together many strings. (Update: Siggy has one word for it…”Stupidfying.”)

The Muslim Women’s League outlines a position on honor killings:

The problem of “honor killings” is not a problem of morality or of ensuring that women maintain their own personal virtue; rather, it is a problem of domination, power and hatred of women who, in these instances, are viewed as nothing more than servants to the family, both physically and symbolically.

According our favorite cleric, women (unveiled) are uncovered meat and are basically asking for it. Fausta had alot to say about that, too.

Because, without a doubt, the immorality of believing that women do not have a right to their own genitalia, a right to have that that they are born with, by God’s grace; the immorality of thinking that a father has the duty to inflict such harm on his own daughter; the immorality of believing that women are “uncovered meat”; and the immorality of sermonizing that not wearing a veil, “swaying when they walk”, and wearing make-up deserves rape, is, or at least ought to be, clear beyond any question.

And don’t forget to beat up little girls for stepping on prayer rugs. The lunacy goes on and on.


Notice how this circle continues to double back on itself? The Islamic nutjobs, the PC nutjobs, the liberal feminist nutjobs…it looks like they are all cut out the same piece of cloth.

Most reasonable adults understand that life is full of choices. And most of those self-same adults understand that if you don’t want to see it, you don’t have to look at it or buy it. It’s called self-control. Furthermore, this kind of peep-show was going on long before the Romans were organizing the neighborhood orgies.

But the key word in that last paragraph ADULTS. It seems that today reactions to stuff like this is soooo different. It’s Pavlovian. Anything, anywhere, anytime – that might possibly offend anyone – has to be dragged out and paraded about for the maximum amount of one-ups-manship. “What you said to me is more offensive to me than what you said to him so I’m going to do something even more offensive to you…..”. NAAAAHHH! This is not mature behaviour or reasoning. It’s the programmed, conditioned response by people programmed and conditioned by government and the media to see everyone, including themselves and their pets and their neighbor’s steaks on the grill, as victims.

Everyone is a victim. Everyone has an agenda. Everybody cries Wolf.

And Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Related: See Dr. Sanity for a fine definition of displacement…..that’s what this is aaaawwwwlllll about.

UPDATE: Here’s how International Women’s Day was celebrated in Iran.

Riot police swarmed over a few dozen women who bravely gathered near the parliament in an attempt to hold a peaceful demonstration. Some were beaten; some were arrested and taken away in vans. All mention of the demonstration was purged from state-controlled media, and independent papers and blogs were warned not to cover it, according to the Los Angeles Times.


  1. Fausta said,

    March 13, 2007 at 9:29 am

    They are cut from the same piece of cloth, alright, and they cloak themselves in it, too.


  2. DBR said,

    March 14, 2007 at 7:42 am

    It isn’t only Europe’s feminists and Amesty International which are hypocrites about violence against Muslim women…..

    Philadelphia Daily News – March 13, 2007
    ZILLA HUMMA Usman and Ayaan Hirsi Ali may be the bravest women on the planet. Not brave like they might lose their jobs or be insulted for speaking out about workplace inequities, or they might get cold or wet demonstrating against “Bush’s war.”


  3. Bowes said,

    October 27, 2007 at 10:01 am

    Presumably that advert was condemned in Europe not because it is using sex to sell a product, but because it has the imagery of domestic violence, something which the UK government at least is keen to stamp out given that it accounts for 16% of all violent crime in England, that it costs the counrty almost 25-billion pounds a year and that twenty-thousand women are supported by refuges in annually.

    Honour violence, as you will know, are a feature of many communities – we have heard of cases amongst Palestinian Christians, Muslims and Druze, of case amongst Siks, Muslim and Hindus in the India Sub-Continet – it is not even a “Third World” problem – in Northern Ireland it might be called something else when a Catholic / Republican girl is killed or kneecapped for seeing a boy from the Protestant / Loyalist community (or vice versa), but it is the same phenomenon when you boil it down.

    It persists in these communities as a result of what is considered acceptable behaviour. The reasoning behind calls to ban imagery of violence against women, as I understand it, is the recognition that it sends out a very clear message to society that the behaviour caricatured is wrong. You may not appreciate this because US and European culture is quite different.


  4. Idetrorce said,

    December 15, 2007 at 8:53 am

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


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