That Terribly Fragile Iranian Ego

Now why is this a surprise?

An Iranian official on Sunday lashed out at the Hollywood movie “300” for insulting the Persian civilization, local Fars News Agency reported.

Hmm…Cartoons…Muslims…Obessive Compulsive Disorder…Paranoia. So a movie about an actual historical event from 2500 years ago insults Muslim sensibilities in today’s world. I guess they don’t cover that battle in Muslim textbooks. That was removed to make more room for such stellar science as the World is Flat and Jews are Monkeys.

Well, There You Go…

A while back, via Jeremayakovka, I found a website called Breath of the Beast. He had his MuslimsHateUsAll epithany when his little daughter was threatened by a PLAYMATE who’d just returned from a family trip to Grandma’s in the Middle East. The neighbor’s kid. Yep. Really. Pull up a chair and read a while. In The Terriorization of the Defenseless he briefly outlines the collapse of basic human dignity that accompanies the Muslim way of life:

If the relatively small shock that affected my family has no effect on you and the plight of Millions of Muslim women does not do it either, I have to bring up the most dire of all the indictments against Muslim culture and the Arab fundamentalists in particular.

Above and beyond recruiting them as suicide bombers, rock throwers and human shields, dwarfing the dreadful cult of blood and hate they teach them from kindergarten on. There is the pandemic of violence toward and sexual abuse of children in the Islamic World. The Islamic child abuse problem is the most immense and covert tragedy in the modern world. Children are the most abjectly powerless members of any society, so they are also the best test of the inherent goodness or evil of that society. Their cries of pain and despair are easily kept from the outside world so they are at the mercy of those whose responsibility it is to care for them. When they are used for political and ideological purposes it is bad enough- these are expressed publicly so there is at least some moderation by the standards of the larger society (such as they might be). But with physical and sexual abuse there is often an absolute protection for the abuser. The abuse takes place in the confines of the home- the very place that should be the child’s ultimate shelter.

The tragedy of it is that along with the moral and cultural relativism that we in the liberal west often use to excuse and conceal the horror of:

•the continuing human slave trade
•the destruction of Darfour
•the honor killing of women
•the social repression of women
•the intolerance of infidel and non believers, and
•the inability to engage in the most rudimentary standards of modern discourse

…we also entertain the naïve and mistaken belief (more of a hope) that all people are endowed with the same sense of what is right and wrong. This is one of our most dangerous delusions.

I wonder how many women and children will die in Iran today, because some wahoo is “insulted” by a movie?

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