On Pi Day and Clinton Lie Detectors

Who’d of thunk it?

My blog-i-birthday is Pi Day! I think that is especially humorous, since I work at a geeky university that even has a Pi Mile mapped out on campus. For those mathematically challenged runners, I suppose, that can’t calculate it in their heads.

In honor of Pi Day, I present my favorite song from the movie Michael.

Pie, Pie
Me oh my
Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry
all at once o well it’s pie
an’ wet bottom.
Come to your place everyday if you’ve got em’
Me o my
I love pie.

Now we all remember Bill Clinton’s Lie Detector, right? That waggin’ finger.

Every time Bill Clinton leans forward and points his finger, he lies.

Now Hillary has tipped her hand. Seems the last time she uttered “Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy“, she was lying, too. We all know who was telling the truth then.

The blog-i-birthday celebrations continue…. 😉

Jeremayakovka has a great post on Hillary’s latest utterance, calling it “a partisan broadside.”


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