The Week of Strong Ladies

Sorry for the light blogging this week; there’s a big project taking up alot of my bandwidth.

Fausta (who is banned in China by the way – way to go girl!) wrote on Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s first wife. Despite being put away in favor of other wives to follow, she loved Henry until her dying day. Being high-born with powerful relatives is what saved her life. In her last letter to him before her death, she prayed for his soul and declared her unfailing love. As Fausta said,

Confining her to house arrest was the easy way out for him. That she loved Henry enough to forgive him shows who won that match in the end.

Another Cathy, Cathy Seipp passed away yesterday. The outpouring of sympathy and support by bloggers and readers has been incredible. She had a strong voice and a knack for seeing the humor in the posturings of Hollywood; both the dramatic and governmental actors. She will be missed.

Elizabeth Edwards shared her sad news with us today. She’s battled cancer before, but this cancer has resurfaced in her bones. As much as I don’t like her husband’s politics, I wish her the best. At least he obviously cares for her and supports her, unlike other political couples, especially those related to condiments. Update: The Anchoress has an excellent post, echoing my sentiments exactly.

It never occurred to me that the Edwards would be “using” her terrible illness to gain sympathy and support for her husband, and while I am no fan of John Edwards, I still reject that notion and suggest that those who offer it might do well to look inside themselves and see if all they’ve offered up, by making such a charge, is a nasty bit of projection. (End Update)

And speaking of political wives, it’s time for Tipper to step up and lock Al in the basement. After his latest week in DC, he’s jumped the shark so far, he’s in the next state.
1. He violated Senate hearing rules, after being given preferential treatment.
2. He refused to take a “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” as part of his Senate testimony. Senator John Inhofe (R-OK), the ranking member of the Environmental and Public Works Committee, based the pledge from actual verbiage taken from Al’s Oscar winning PowerPoint presentation. [SNORT!!!]

Come on Tipper, put yourself in the history books, honey. Save the planet.

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