I Do Nothing for Your Pleasure….


Roared the Monster. The Lord of Darkness. His evil plan of conquering the Light, so that he might roam the Earth unfettered, was almost complete.

Sound familiar?

Breath of the Beast laments not being able to formulate a name for Islamic terrorism and it’s minions. I say just call a spade a spade – EVIL. Pure EVIL.

It is “Caliphate Islam” that won’t accept a Jewish state in the Middle East because it is considered an affront to the will of Allah that Jews should not only not be subject to Islamic rule but might have Islamic citizens living in a Jewish country. It is Caliphate Islam that so stultifies the lives of its people that they have to emigrate to western countries only to reject the values that make those countries better places to live. Belief in the Caliphate justifies the mass murder of innocent office workers in Manhatten, school children in Beslan and tribal rivals in sub-Saharan Africa. The belief in and desire for the Caliphate is the difference between conservative Islam and the pernicious terrorists that endanger all of mankind for the sake of a utopian nightmare.

He goes on …

A word of caution, Caliphists are sometimes aware that this belief may be a red flag. Often their belief is so strong and insensitive to reality that they acknowledge and talk about it openly. The ones who are most dangerous know enough not to mention this belief in public. In these cases it is important to know how to recognize them by other behavior. At the risk of being accused of behavioral profiling, lets look at a few of the indicators that come to mind:

1. Dehumanizing language- calling non-Muslims names like kuffar (nonbeliever) or referring to them as pigs, monkeys dogs etc…

2. Inability to engage in reasonable discourse without flying into a rage- see my post Don’t Just Stand There, Dhimmi, Humiliate Me about Imam Al Husainy. (below)

3. Refusal to accept the existence of Israel.

4. Extreme Misogyny and gender inequality

5. Blaming all of the incompetence, inefficiency, misfortune, and rage in the Islamic world on: a. The Jews, b. America, c. The West, d. Women, e. Anybody else, f. All of the above

Even actions from ancient Dems long-ago haunt us and our allies. Whether you deal with the demons then or now, their purpose is the same.

…our respect for civilian life is being used against us by an enemy that does not share it.

After watching this, will you finally believe “what” kind of power is behind the liberal Democrats? And that they are determined to dismantle this country; one school, one statute at a time? And they will hand us, our babies, our country, everything we hold close to our heart to this beast called Islam.

Then they will sit around the pool in Hollywood, with their “new pals” and celebrate the liberation of America.

Any questions?

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